Positive externalities through family member incarceration?

This result surprised me, but perhaps there are gains from getting the bad apples out of the household?:

Every year, millions of Americans experience the incarceration of a family member. Using 30 years of administrative data from Ohio and exploiting differing incarceration propensities of randomly assigned judges, this paper provides the first quasi-experimental estimates of the effects of parental and sibling incarceration in the US. Parental incarceration has beneficial effects on some important outcomes for children, reducing their likelihood of incarceration by 4.9 percentage points and improving their adult neighborhood quality. While estimates on academic performance and teen parenthood are imprecise, we reject large positive or negative effects. Sibling incarceration leads to similar reductions in criminal activity.

That is new from Samuel Norris, Matthew Pecenco, and Jeffrey Weaver, forthcoming in the AER.  Via Ilya Novak.  Here is Noah on this study, here is a related result from Sweden.


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