The Public Choice Outreach Conference!

The Public Choice Outreach Conference, a compact lecture series designed as a “crash course” in Public Choice for students planning careers in academia, journalism, law, or public policy, will be online this year–a week of noon to 1:15 (EST) Zooms, August 2-7.

Monday, August 2
An Introduction to Public Choice—Alex Tabarrok

Tuesday, August 3
Arrow’s Theorem and All That—Alex Tabarrok

Wednesday, August 4
Public Choice and Development Economics—Shruti Rajagopalan

Thursday, August 5
Evaluating Democratic Institutions—Garett Jones

Friday, August 6
Futarchy: An Alternative Decision-Making Procedure—Robin Hanson

Saturday, August 7
Hayek and Buchanan—Peter Boettke

You can find out more here and the application is here. The program is designed for students but going online will allow us to expand the attendees so do apply!


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