A reader’s wishes for Covid coverage

From my email:

“In the last 18-19 months why have these stories not been written:
•       Why no stories on hospice care in the United States relating to covid19 statistics (hospice has been removed from our common lexicon)? I’ve asked you this before, I know.
•       Why no stories on the earnings of publicly held life insurance companies ?
•       Why no stories about strategies written about the myriad of home health care providers in this country? What is their role in lessening hospital stays in the last 18 months. Did they play a role?
•       Why know detailed explanation of how excess deaths are calculated – what are the excess death estimates for the next 5 years? I assume the data is easily found.
•       No actuaries providing keen information and insights?
•       Detailed investigations and stories of the traveling nurse industry ?  I know several, interesting stories to say the least. Mostly regarding compensation.
•       No keen insights from the coroners industry? The inexact science of “cause of death” in the last 100 years.

Would love you thoughts on my questions and why have there been no stories about the above?”


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