Will this Australian polity prove sustainable?

And what would Lysander Spooner say?:

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said the two-week rule for vaccinated close contacts was under constant review.


When Shaun Ferguson was browsing the plants at a local nursery last Tuesday afternoon, he never thought it would land him in two weeks quarantine in a medi-hotel.

That night he received the text message that no one wants to receive.

“At about 11.30 that night I got a text message from SA Health saying that I’d been to a potential exposure site for the Omicron strain,” Mr Ferguson said…

There were three other people on the bus with him, including a woman who had also visited the pet and plant shop in Glengowrie.

“She said, ‘I never go anywhere, I’m fully vaccinated … I just decided I’d go there and get this cat brush and now look what happens. I’m in quarantine,'” Mr Ferguson said.

There is much more to the story, and for the pointer I thank A.


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