Trudeau has turned off the invocation of the Emergencies Act

After two days it is no more.  I was and remain completely opposed to this invocation of the emergency powers.  I think they simply should have arrested the protestors early on, before the whole thing became such a big deal.

Here is a good short essay on the “digital jail” created by having your funds frozen in a nearly cashless society.  How is it you are supposed to pay for a lawyer?  What about joint bank accounts with other family members?  The more you think about this option, the worse it gets.

That all said, I have never been sold on the more dramatic claims of the critics.  No, this is not the transition moment for crypto.  Canada has not become a fascist state.  The government made a mistake, and the mistake has been corrected.  They should not have had this power to begin with.

I would stress that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and vigilance was needed to push this one back.  But if this was your freakout for the week, most of your attention is directed to the wrong places.


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