The fragmentation of France?

The less fortunate have their own cultural markers of Americanisation. Again, Fourquet analyses names. The Maries of French tradition were replaced by Kevins (after Home Alone) and Dylans (after Beverly Hills 90210). The map of these American names coincides with the places where Marine Le Pen can count on her firmest support. Many National Rally activists bear names such as Jordan Bardella, today the number two in the party, or Davy Rodriguez, who headed its youth organisation. More phenomena of this kitschy low-status Americanisation include the immense popularity of country music clubs, vintage US cars, and pole dancing across France, as well the spread of the Buffalo Grill restaurant chain in hundreds of locations.

And this sentence I found interesting:

Americanisation was the only component of globalisation that did not bitterly divide the French.

Here is more from Krzysztof Tyszka-Drozdowski.  I wouldn’t say I have an opinion of my own on these issues — haven’t been there in a few years — but I found this piece stimulating.


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