How does such a “power grab” stay secret?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Friday that former High Court Justice Virginia Bell will report on Nov. 25 on the findings of her inquiry into [Scott] Morrison’s secret power grab.

Morrison secretly appointed himself to five ministerial roles between March 2020 and May 2021, usually without the knowledge of the original minister.

Albanese, who replaced Morrison in May elections, cited Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue’s legal opinion that while the appointments were legal they undermined the principle of responsible government….

Morrison, who is now an opposition lawmaker, maintains that he gave himself the portfolios of health, finance, treasury, resources and home affairs as an emergency measure made necessary by the coronavirus crisis.

But his only known use of the secret powers had nothing to do with the pandemic. He overturned a decision by former Resources Minister Keith Pitt to approve a contentious gas drilling project near the north Sydney coast that would have harmed his conservative coalition’s reelection chances.

Here is the full story.  But really people — how is this secrecy possible?  No one was tempted to mention this on Twitter?  Did it involve no paperwork?  Isn’t such a “secret” minister just a windowless monad?  Or why not install loyal “lackey type” subordinates instead?  Or is this like Trump’s “document declassification,” existing mainly in the mind of the executive and nowhere else?  Model this for me please!!


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