The International Shipping panel of the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee, a quasi-official advisory board, is not happy with the Cato Institute and Mercatus.

The Dispatch: After a March 21, 2020 meeting, the international shipping subcommittee sent draft recommendations to the Transportation Department’s Maritime Administration, according to a document the Cato Institute recently obtained from the government. The document, reviewed by The Dispatch, broadly discusses the problems of an aging U.S. fleet and insufficient shipping capacity.

Nestled among bullet points recommending policy changes to fix those problems is one labeled, “Unequivocal support of the Jones Act.”

Beneath it: “Charge all past and present members of the Cato and Mercatus Institutes with treason.

If these rent-seeking gangsters think this is going to dissuade Cato and Mercatus scholars from continuing to attack the awful Jones Act they are very much mistaken.


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