GPT-4 Does the Medical Rounds

GPT4 passed the medical licensure exam but the critics want to know how does it perform in the real world? Zak Kohane, pediatric endocrinologist, data scientist, and chair of the Harvard Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School has apparently been working with GPT4 for about 6 months. He has a forthcoming book (with Peter Lee and Carey Goldberg). He writes:

“How well does the AI perform clinically? And my answer is, I’m stunned to say: Better than many doctors I’ve observed.”—Isaac Kohane MD

That’s from a review of the book by Eric Topol. Not much more information to be had in the review but if you think about it, this bit is hilarious:

I’ve thought it would be pretty darn difficult to see machines express empathy, but there are many interactions that suggest this is not only achievable but can even be used to coach clinicians to be more sensitive and empathic with their communication to patients.


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