New Emergent Ventures winners, 25th cohort

Duncan McClements, 17, incoming at King’s College Cambridge, economics, general career and research support.

Jasmine Wang and team (Jasmine is a repeat winner), Trellis, AI and the book.

Sophia Brown, Berlin/Brooklyn, to study the State Department,and general career development.

Robert Tolan, western Ireland, farmer and math Olympiad winner, YIMBY by street for Ireland.

Conor Durkin, Chicago, to write a Chicago city Substack.

Guido Putignano, Milan/Zurich, to do a summer internship in computation bio for cell therapies, at Harvard/MIT.

Michelle K. Huang, to revitalize Japanese real estate and to enable a creative community in Japan, near Kyoto.

Rasheed Griffith, repeat winner, to found a Caribbean think tank.

The Fitzwilliam, a periodical of ideas, Ireland.  To expand and built it out, Fergus McCullough and Sam Enright, both repeat winners.

Lyn Stoler, Los Angeles, general career development and to develop material for a new pro-growth, pro-green agenda for states and localities.

Gwen Lester, Chicago, to develop a center for abused, battered, and sexually abused women, namely GLC Empowerment Center, also known as Nana’s House.

Sabrina Singh, Ontario, pre-college, to help her study of neurotechnology.

And Emergent Ventures Ukraine:

Isa Hasenko, eastern Ukraine, medical care for eastern Ukraine, performed by a system of digital information, using a real-time tracking system, to trace every allocation.  He works with and

Stephan Hosedlo, Lviv, to expand his company selling farm products and herbal products, and to buy a tractor.

Olesya Drashkaba, Kyiv, Sunseed Art, a company to market Ukrainian art posters around the world.

Peter Chernyshov, Edinburgh, mathematician, to run math education project — Kontora Pi — to teach advanced math for talented kids and school teachers in Ukraine.  To produce more math videos and to recruit more teachers around Ukraine.

Andrew Solovei, western Ukraine, to build out a network to compensate small scale Ukrainian volunteers in a scalable and verifiable manner.

Olena Skyrta, Kyiv, to start a for-profit that will tie new scientific innovations to Ukrainian and other businesses.

Yevheniia Vidishcheva, Kyiv, theatrical project to travel around Ukraine.

Alina Beskrovna, Mariupol and Harvard Kennedy School, general career support and to work on the economic reconstruction of Ukraine.


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