Ramban, a 12th century Jewish Biblical Commentator

Doni Bloomfield sends me this passage:

Set aside a sum of money that you will give away if you allow yourself to be angered. Be sure that the amount you designate is sufficient to force you to think twice before you lose your temper… (Ramban: A letter for the Ages translated by Avrohom Chaim Feuer Reishit Chochmah, Shaar Ha'anavah Chapter 3)

The link to the source is here.


As someone who is raised an Orthodox Jew and studied the Ramban for years, this was pretty cool to see. :)

Maybe Obama should put some of his book royalties in just such a fund.

Yes, I believe one is a rationalist (Maimonides) and the other a mystic follower of the Kabbalah.

So you're telling me my father didn't invent the swear jar in 1982?

Who needs the threat of other-worldly hell-fire and damnation as eternal punishment when your very own personal economic incentive will suffice? Bears noting notwithstanding that Robert Bage's Rousseauian-Smithian Mr Lowram disciplined himself only by means of the credible threat of third-party enforcement in the shape of a formally-binding annuity with attached conditions. A great innovation that begot the modern age was the carnal union of material incentive and formally-binding discipline (just-in-case your informal binding should fail).

A very rich, irascible man has to set aside a very large sum in order
not to lose his temper? "Your temper or your money."
The poor cannot afford to be openly angry for all sorts of reasons.
Some will respond to Monetarist Ethics and some not.

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