Facts about Brazil

[Rio favela] Complexo do Alemao ranks lower than the African country of Gabon on the United Nations Human Development Index, a world survey of living standards that measures factors like access to education and health care. By comparison, the Development Index scores of upscale Rio neighborhoods like Gavea and Leblon are higher than Norway, the world’s top-ranked country.

Here is more, mostly on the war against the drug gangs.


Yep--human biodiversity FTW.

Yeah, Brazil is the country of the differences. For a long time it holded the title of biggest income unequality of the wolrd, then, by the late 90's we passed over Boltswana, and now it seems there is another couple of worse countries.

You know what's funny - that inequality in Brazil is terrible while in the United States it's somehow always necessary for growth.

How does this compare to gaps in other places?

I suspect many cities worldwide would show large differences between their elite neighborhoods and their slums. It may be worse in Brazil than other places, with the infamous income inequality, but without context the simple fact above is not very useful.

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