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There is only one legal gun store in all of Mexico, and the military serve as the clerks, and yet in the country guns are still bought and sold:

Alberto Islas, a security expert based in Mexico, said it is common knowledge that the easiest way for the average citizen to buy a gun is to ask a friendly local police officer.

"The cop will bring it to your house and show you how to load it," Islas said. "Of course, it is technically illegal."

Here is police reform in Mexico.


From the article:
"Mexican authorities insist that 90 percent of those weapons have been smuggled from the United States."

This is such an obvious lie, I wonder why they bother. Most of these weapons are, in fact, either smuggled from South America, Africa, or leak out of the hands of the Mexican military. You need only take one look at a cache of seized weapons to verify this.

Now, it may be true that 90% of traceable weapons originated in the US. That would be because smuggled Communist-era weapons (or modern production from Communist-era factories) don't have traceable serial numbers, if they have serial numbers at all.

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A few years ago the Washington Post blamed the availability of guns in Virginia for the high violent crime rate in the District of Columbia (DC) where guns were banned at that time (pre-Heller). Now the Washington Post blames the availability of guns in the USA for high violent rate in Mexico.

That is astonishingly obtuse. Mexico has the sort of strict "gun control" schemes (one gun store for the entire country?!?) the Washington Post constantly demands the USA should adopt, yet Mexico has far more (approaching two orders of magnitude) violent crime than the USA. If guns were "criminogenic" it would be remarkable that they should produce crime only in jurisdictions where they are largely forbidden.

Any rational person contemplating the facts would estimate that "gun control" promotes violent crime, rather than inhibiting it. Guns are not criminogenic, restrictions on gun possession are.

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Are not the mass of guns a consequence of american hunger for drugs. The profits from this funds the firearms

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The drug trade in San Francisco is virtually unrestricted, but that hasn't reduced firearm violence.

Neither has the city's gun control laws.

These murderers kill for the thrill. Their drug trade is just an excuse. There are more senseless acts of violence and crimes of passion than directed gang hits.

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I think,we should not give blaim on Mexico due to gun transformation.As soon as a time passed away,it has been found with other countries.

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