Libya Dissertation Fact of the Day

From a 2007 PhD Dissertation awarded by the LSE:

This dissertation analyses the problem of how to create more just and democratic global governing institutions, exploring the approach of a more formal system of collective decision-making by the three main actors in global society: governments, civil society and the business sector….

The thesis explains and adopts three philosophical foundations in support of the argument. The first is liberal individualism; the thesis argues that there are strong motivations for free individuals to seek fair terms of cooperation within the necessary constraints of being members of a global society. Drawing on the works of David Hume, John Rawls and Ned McClennen, it elaborates significant self-interested and moral motives that prompt individuals to seek cooperation on fair terms if they expect others to do so. Secondly, it supports a theory of global justice, rejecting the limits of Rawls’s view of international justice based on what he calls ‘peoples’ rather than persons. Thirdly, the thesis adopts and applies David Held’s eight cosmopolitan principles to support the concept and specific structures of ‘Collective Management’.

The author? Saif "we will fight to the last minute, until the last bullet" Gaddafi (son of Muammar).

More background and discussion with David Held, one of his dissertation advisers, here.

Hat tip to Boing Boing.


Yeah, I wonder who wrote it for him.

Gadhafi and Kim Jong-il need to collaborate on a fashion line: autocrat chic

Wasn't that Michael Jackson?

On April 12th 2007, Gaddafi's girlfriend, Nadiya B., dropped from the balcony of Gaddafi's mansion in Vienna. She is severely insured and in a coma for three days. Next day, Saif Gaddafi leaves Vienna on an executive jet - no interrogation. Hmmm. Did she try to enter the mansion via a tree (hot Ukrainian girl?) or did somebody pay to make it look like this?

A cynic might guess that that dissertation was done along Kennedy lines.

Perhaps he was posing as a liberal-leftist/Rawlsian in order to score with female LSE students. Do you know how HARD it is to score on a Western campus if you are a Rawls apostate? (Joking, joking...)

In Germany, the defense secretary Herr zu Guttenberg has just been stripped of his PhD after a tremendous amount of plagiarism was detected, not at least through a wiki.
Let's see if people will find more evidence of plagiarism here and how LSE will react.

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