That was then, this is now

In 2004, I wrote this to Alex:

The United States remains a strong and prosperous country. Our infrastructure, national culture of innovation, human capital, and economic dynamism are unparallelled in world history. The Bush fiscal policies, whatever their irresponsibilities, costs, and drawbacks, haven’t changed those core facts.

So I walked down to Alex’s office and issued him the following challenge: if you think I am wrong, sell all your stocks and go short on U.S. Treasury securities (and long on Brazil, if you wish!). With all the money you will make, you can buy out my half of this blog.

In my own defense, 2004 was the year when the available run of productivity statistics was looking the best, and there was no reason to think the 2001-2004 numbers were biased or misleading.

For the pointer I thank…Alex.

p.s. he didn’t do it.


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