Gordon Tullock is 90 years old today



Gordon Tullock is 90 today. Like Alchian a true great that has unfortunately been overlooked by the Nobels.

oops a message intended for a colleague came out here. Still I think Tullock, like Alchian, has been unfairly overlooked.

Gordon Tullock was always nice to me. I can remember when I gave a talk at VPI many years ago (while on the job market) he was in the audience. I had been working on a dissertation concerning the effect of crime on property values. After presenting some theory, I presented empirical results. But I added that I didn't think much of them but I had to do it to get my Ph.D. He loved it. I got the job, but went to NYU instead.

"Gordon Tullock was always nice to me"
Considering his famous insults, does that mean he didn't care much for you?

Happy birthday to Gordon!

Sto Lat! Gordon Tullock

wish i had seen him before he retired! happy birthday to one of the fathers of public choice

any insight why prof. tullock didn't win jointly with buchanan?
tullock never wrote a paper i didn't enjoy reading.

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