Catalonia, just to keep things interesting

Catalonia government president Artur Mas has called early elections for the powerful northeastern region, a vote that will likely be seen as something of a referendum on independence from Spain.

In a regional parliamentary debate Tuesday, Mas set the date for Nov. 25.

Mas called the elections more than two years ahead of schedule after the central government in Madrid last week rejected a demand to grant Catalonia special fiscal powers.

That is from The Montreal Gazette.  Here is FT coverage.  You can follow the issue on Twitter here.

I wonder where Andreu Mas-Colell (Finance Minister of Catalonia) stands on all of this?


We don't have to wonder where Sally Martin stands (as usual);

'And those who say that we must take on a share of Spain's debt should remember that that debt was signed by the Spanish government and that's who has to repay it. It's definitely true that if we are part of Spain, that we are partly responsible for the Spanish government's debt. But if we are not, then well, we'll see. If they want to send us a bill for 16% of the total, corresponding to Catalonia's relative population, they can call the Catalan Embassy, and if the divorce is friendly, we'll discuss it. We'll talk about the debt, and the proportion of money that the Bank of Spain has deposited in the ECB and the gold that Spain has in the International Monetary Fund, and about AENA and other Spanish public companies, and the Zarzuela racetrack and whatever else we need to talk about. And if it's not friendly, and they talk about boycotts, threats and our expulsion from Europe, then, well, they can take their debt and shove it because the only one responsible for the debt is the Government of Spain.'

What an elegant number/title combination is being ignored.

And that is "Catalunya" to you, Tyler! Heck, didn't you already get in trouble here for misspelling stuff in Galician, including the name of the language/dialect?


Andreu Mas-Colell fully supports President Mas, no doubt about it

Someone grab the popcorn!

It won't matter unless Catalonia leaves eurozone, which it of course should.

bah, that's not interesting. Much more interesting would be a group of Catalan mercenaries, let's call them Almogàvers, hired by Greeks destroy Greece's enemies, which they do before planting their own leader (let's call him Roger de Flor) on the Greek throne. Greeks hire Albanians to assassinate Almogàvers leaders, but the rump Almogàver escape and, in fleeting alliances with a colorful cast of Genoese, Turks, Alans, spend the next decade murdering, slaughtering and pillaging Greece. The French duke of Athens hires the sturdy Almogàvers but stiffs them; surprising no one, the Almogàvers the French Duke (and history's last heavy mounted knights) at Halmyros, establish a decade long Kingdom of Athens and Thessaly. The Navarese show up and end the Catalan party. The End.


But don't forget how two of them refuse to serve in the army, and stay home, disguised as Albanians, to check on their lovers. Much singing ensues.

PS -- I used to see you as an LA Kings hockey fan, or as a Sac. Kings basketball fan, but I now know you are a monarchist ;-)

They like to do things like this every so often.


Do you remember Hayek's confederalism? It would be nice to remember it now...

I take it that this is this is the Mas-Colell from Mas-Colell, Whinston, and Green? A very good text book writer.

If Catalonia splits Will Euskal Herria be next?

Where Mas Colell stands on this?

reminds of what the sex pistols did to get out of a contract.

Whining bitches.

Although if Catalunya did become independent, would it be forced to adopt English as the offical language?

Mas-Collel was my micro professor here in Barcelona and he fully stands behind the Mas government that he is a part of. Look here
"Speaking Tuesday before the Catalan Parliament on the recent request of €5bn to Spain's "Regional Liquidity Fund", economy councillor Andreu Mas-Colell said that Catalonia's lack liquidity is due to the lack of its own fiscal authority, writes El Pais. Mas-Colell also denounced an "absurd campaign" to blame Spain's economic and fiscal problems on the regions."

If Catalonia does not want to support southern Spain with their $, why should Northern Europe support Catalans with their $?

Police/military intervention is a distinct possibility either to prevent or in the wake of a referendum...depending how popular the independence movement becomes. All the commentaries I have read have been very dismissive of the possibilities of a state of emergency being declared in Catalonia; but then again, none of the people giving their opinions were professional military officers.

Make no mistake: the Spanish military (i.e. the officer corps) still takes very seriously its official role as defender of the national territorial integrity and the Constitution. The Guardia Civil, for the most part, as well. I would be shocked if there were not officers even now discussing how to "decapitate" the Catalan government prior to a November referendum through widespread simultaneous arrests of principal regional officials. If the popular referendum looks like it will go overwhelming "nay", then they will undoubtely let it go forward, but that's not the expectation here in Spain.

Significantly, when earlier this week a couple of Colonels (active duty officers!) spoke up about dealing with "Catalan vultures" as "traitors" through "military courts" - something expressly forbidden by international statute to which Spain is a signatory - nothing happened. These men were not relieved of duty, these men were not thrown in the stockade for exceeding the limits of political expression from serving officers, these men were not censured in anyway. Very significantly as well, for me at least, is that the king - who is both head of state and of the Armed Forces - said nothing.

Mr. Mas is playing with fire. If Catalonians are truly serious about independence and not playing the traditional game of political chicken, then they had best arm themselves and prepare to pay the blood price for freedom. They would be criminally foolish and negligent that Spain will allow itself to fragment in order to avoid a reprimand from Brussels. And they should recall that the Spanish military is not renowned for its gentleness or self-restraint. They had better be ready to see Barcelona turn into Fallujah.

Let's hope it doesn't come to such madness.

I am totally agree with your thoughts. Keep doing these type of work.

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