New Videos: Leading Thinkers on Development

At MRUniversity we just released over 30 new videos on leading thinkers on development. We cover Amartya Sen (who gets three), Bela BelassaKarl Polanyi, Adam Smith, Paul Romer, William Easterly and many others. In terms of  the course these videos are optional, they are for dipping into as per one’s interest. In these videos, we sometimes provide a second perspective on issues we discuss in greater detail in forthcoming topic videos.

On Monday we will be releasing a new section of the Development Economics course, Food and Agricultural Productivity.


This is great. Can you please upload them to the MR University Youtube Channel? I'm not interested in subscribing to the Mercatus Channel.

You should see these up in the MRU YouTube account today. Thanks.

Just a blind guess, using an extremely simple two term search query, but is this an accurate description of your relation to MRU? - 'Roman Hardgrave is the Director of Online Strategies at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His objective is to enhance the online presence of the Mercatus Center through and other technology projects.'

I'll admit, it was silly not to think of checking a name before posting an unsubstantiated guess about linkage - well, unsubstantiated by some standards.

However, the Mercatus Center is interested in you subscribing to the Mercatus Channel, the same way that the Mercatus Center harvested the e-mails of everyone 'pre-enrolling' in MRU. As if there is actually any difference between MRU and Mercatus when it comes to evaluating user data - not to mention IHS, if the whois contact information is to be relied upon.

I like the idea of MRU, though I'm too busy with work at the moment. As for harvesting emails, let anybody they want send me email--my identity is a pseudonym. Of interest as well is that MRU discusses "Great Men" vs "Great Ideas", which is a sign of a science in its infancy, which is economics IMO. Economics is politics. Savers vs Spenders is one modern theme, and spending with Other People's Money (Big Government). Hence the need to lionize or demonize the good/evil Mercatus Center etc etc etc. I find that people who have nothing or feel guilty about their wealth (third generation rich folk) tend to be Democrats. I myself am Libertarian but have voted for both Reagan and Obama.

I watched the Paul Romer one this morning. Really enjoyed it... excellent work.

Really enjoyed them. Keep up the good work.

Great material. But I wonder why Marx is left out. After all, he has a theory of capitalist development, wrong-headed as it may be. Other important development economists who can be included are Rostow, Myrdal, Colin Clark and Kuznets and the Dependency School.

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