Mexico’s economy: current prospects and history

That is a new MRUniversity course, taught by University of Oklahoma Professor Robin Grier (with a small number of guest videos from me, too).  It is absolutely excellent and I recommend it highly.  The course outline is this:

1 An Overview of the Mexican Economy

2 Colonial Legacies: Obstacles to Growth after Independence
3 Development Strategies
4 Social Issues
5 Land & Agriculture
6 The Debt Crisis of the 1980s
7 The State Retreats: Reform in the 1980s & 1990s
8 The Peso Crisis

9 NAFTA & the Mexican Economy

The early videos are now on-line and new videos will be appearing regularly.  You can view them on your own or register sign up for email updates at the link.  You can check out our other courses at the home page of


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