Mexico’s economy: current prospects and history

That is a new MRUniversity course, taught by University of Oklahoma Professor Robin Grier (with a small number of guest videos from me, too).  It is absolutely excellent and I recommend it highly.  The course outline is this:

1 An Overview of the Mexican Economy

2 Colonial Legacies: Obstacles to Growth after Independence
3 Development Strategies
4 Social Issues
5 Land & Agriculture
6 The Debt Crisis of the 1980s
7 The State Retreats: Reform in the 1980s & 1990s
8 The Peso Crisis

9 NAFTA & the Mexican Economy

The early videos are now on-line and new videos will be appearing regularly.  You can view them on your own or register sign up for email updates at the link.  You can check out our other courses at the home page of


I've need to make a regular scheduled time to watch these courses on a regular basis, if I'm ever going to keep up. What kind of time commitment on a once a week basis will cover watching the material? Two hours?

She looks perfectly placed. But is she like a professor with a Youtube channel and a $4 app, or more like someone already familiar with the resources available to MRU, through her previous experience at GMU? Or would that be her husband's previous experience, he having been an econ professor there from 1985 until 1993. Always nice to keep things in the family, when possible.

And how does the licensing actually work? - does she retain rights over her course, or is someone else the actual holder? Actually, this just might be interesting line of inquiry to explore - MRU doesn't actually seem to exist beyond a domain name, hosted web site, and a lot of billed project hours.

My favorite thing about your comments is that you write like the narrators from Ancient Aliens, a bunch of open-ended questions with very few answers.

Don't you get that that's the whole point?

Shout it from the rooftops. The king is dead.

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