What did I learn from (another) re-read of Adam Smith?


Did you realize that your fact-light conservatism/libertarianism is simply ideology masquerading as evidence based social science? I'm guessing not...

That's your reaction to this video?

Um, Tyler isn't a conservative... and he is what I would call a "fact-heavy" and "soft" libertarian, if anything.

Progressivism is the most fact-light, simplistic ideology of super-arrogant self-deceptive zealots ever devised. The lack of self awareness is hilarious.

The video is heavy on facts and doesn't appear to contain an ideological viewpoint at all. It begins and ends with qualifications ("I'm not saying these are the most important points..."; "...that's really quite a subjective account") and also posits that Adam Smith was a major source for Karl Marx--not exactly something you would expect to find in a shallow, ideological reading of Smith. I didn't watch the whole Law video, but it doesn't appear ideological either, and certainly isn't "fact-light".

What exactly are you responding to?

You appear to be lost. The NY Times comment section is that way ----->

<-------- surely that way?

evidence based social science . . . . *snicker*

I picked up a couple on Kindle this week. Good to see Adam Smith on Kindle.

You can make your audio a lot smoother by recording room tone. Just record a a silent room with ac running for a minute and lay it as a separate audio track. No more"room" sound every time you speak.

I guess many people prefer video but text has the following advantages:

1) we can read faster than people talk
2) text is much more easily searched and skimmed.

A pin is a production good, used in the production of clothing.

Significantly, the division of labor is embodied in production goods that extend the length of production in addition of further stages of production, extended across time in divided labor producing specialized production goods to be used in production processes closer to consumption.

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