Edward Luce is what I call “prescient plus”

A few days ago he wrote this subtitle in the FT:

Self-interest guides the Big Data companies, and the same is often true of the White House

And this:

Big data’s agenda is not confined to immigration reform. Among other areas, it has a deep interest in shaping what Washington does on privacy, online education, the school system, the internet, corporate tax reform, cyber security and even cyber warfare. Big data is also likely to be influential in the US-European trade partnership talks, which start this month. Whether the sector becomes a thorn in the side of the process remains to be seen. Either way, Americans should be relieved someone is making the case for privacy.

He closes with this:

A century ago, Theodore Roosevelt pushed back against the power of the rail barons and oil titans – the great technological disrupters of his day. Mr Obama should pay closer heed to history. And he should become wary of geeks bearing gifts.

Don’t forget this line:

One of the geekocracy’s main characteristics is a serene faith in its own good motives.

The general problem is the unholy government and tech alliance, based on a mix of plutocracy, information-sharing, and a joint understanding of the importance of information for future elections.  Which current politician wouldn’t want to court the support of tech, and which major tech company can today stand above politics?

I will add this: if you were surprised by today’s revelations, shame on you!


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