The history of political economy workshop at Duke

Bruce Caldwell emails me:

The Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University will be hosting another Summer Institute on the History of Economics this coming June. The program is designed for students in graduate programs in economics. Students will be competitively selected and successful applicants will receive a $2000 stipend for attending, plus free housing and reading materials. The deadline for applying is March 3. More information on the Summer Institute is available at our website,

I am writing to ask you if you would again promote our program on the Marginal Revolution blog. The 2012 institute, which was also aimed at grad students (the 2013 one was for faculty), attracted applicants from a host of universities, and we want to keep the momentum going. When we did follow up with previous participants to see how they had found out about the institute, a significant majority of them said that it was from reading about it on a blog.


Nearly 1 hour and no lacrosse jokes? All the wiseacres exhausted from their prolonged squawk on Ezra?

To their everlasting credit 4 of the 5 faculty hosting this signed the faculty rebuttal to the Gang of 88: We welcome all members of the lacrosse team, and all student athletes, as we do all our students as fellow members of the Duke community, to the classes we teach and the activities we sponsor.

When 88 Duke faculty threw in with the crazed shrieking mob, these four stood for justice, stood with the maligned and chastised their nutty-cuckoo peer. Be assured, interested students, these are good humans.

Plus, Arnold Kling thinks History of Economics is the highest calling for your ilk.

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