How many World Bank reports are downloaded or cited at all?

About 13 percent of policy reports were downloaded at least 250 times while more than 31 percent of policy reports are never downloaded. Almost 87 percent of policy reports were never cited. More expensive, complex, multi-sector, core diagnostics reports on middle-income countries with larger populations tend to be downloaded more frequently. Multi-sector reports also tend to be cited more frequently. Internal knowledge sharing matters as cross support provided by the World Bank’s Research Department consistently increases downloads and citations.

By the way, about 49 percent of these reports have the stated objective of informing the public debate.  There is more here, from the World Bank itself, by Doerte Doemeland and James Trevino.

A prediction: from MR alone, this will be one of the Bank’s most widely downloaded reports.

Hat tip goes to Justin Sandefur.


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