*How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life*

The subtitle is An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness, and the author is Russ Roberts.  The focus is on Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments and why that is an important book.  This is Russ’s best book in my opinion, so you should consider buying it here.  My favorite section is the discussion of the Chilean maid, definitely recommended.


July 9th Twitter - two weeks later, another notice, just in case anybody missed the last post. If we are lucky, there will be a review and it will also appear on a best books of the year list.

'My favorite section is the discussion of the Chilean maid, definitely recommended.'

That is one of the amusingly formulated lines I've ever read here - it seems to encapsulate so much, in just a few words.


You know no one here reads your posts, right? Even the ones that don't get deleted.

I've been thinking of starting up a prior_approval spoof character, it's still in R&D stages though so it likely won't happen for a few years.

Eventually this forum will degenerate into Prior Approval and Just Another talking to each other endlessly, like a chamber of mirrors.

It'll be interesting kind of. JA is just a classic attention hound trying and mostly failing to get laughs (he should stick with the Commodore more).
PA seems to have a real pathology of some kind. Like a mental health issue.

They're an interesting pair. JAMRC often says things that are meant to be ironic, but are actually true. PA just needs anger management.

@JAMRC, how about reducing the noise and making serious comments instead?

What a strange innovation that would be!

I read his posts.

Does anybody know if it's coming out as an audiobook?

Now we've got Tyler hocking Russ's book. Is this the Blogzi Scheme?

If you think Tyler is hamstringing the book, you pretty seriously misread the post.

I think it is worthwhile to read this before Smith's "Wealth of Nations", so as to understand the moral and ethical position he had when writing his more famous work.


I don't understand the point of reading one book that is all about telling you how great another book is.

How about reading a reply to a comment about a blog post about a book about a book?

the point is, none of us are very smart. Even Shakespeare, Einstein, and Bach often discourage their intelligent descendants by their unfortunate love for repeating themselves and for playing the fool, and by their mysterious (in light of their obvious talents) inability to be consistently interesting. "Political economists" and "economists" are an even lesser crew. Therefore, until the human race regularly provides the unfolding generations with actual geniuses, rather than with the semi-geniuses whom we have been praising for the last few hundred years, there will be a need for books which point out and discuss the existence of other and better books.

Would Tyler say something about why you and Russ still use conventional publishers instead of self-publishing on Amazon? It seems like with a popular blog like this, you could get as many readers and take home more of the cover price. And you wouldn't have to wait for months to get your work published.

"This title will be released on October 9, 2014."

That's 11 weeks away. Why are you recommending a book which we can't even buy until October?

You know there is such a thing as pre-ordering right?

Amazon referral link commission

His econtalk series on TOMS is also excellent. Looking forward to the book.

So who will interview Russ about his new book?

I was a huge fan of Russ' Hayek/Keynes rap videos, until Sumner convinced me the Austrians had monetary policy wrong.

Oh well, they're still fun.

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