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Iran has been hit so hard that its government, looking for ways to fill a widening hole in its budget, is offering young men the option of buying their way out of an obligatory two years of military service. “We are on the eve of a major crisis,” an Iranian economist, Hossein Raghfar, told the Etemaad newspaper on Sunday. “The government needs money badly.”

There is more here, mostly on how falling oil prices have affected other countries.


So, the poor or uneducated will be attracted to the military because they have fewer alternatives and resources to buy their way out, or because they are attracted to the ideology more than those who can buy their way out. Can't imagine anything bad from creating a military dependent class of uneducated and indoctrinated persons.

Calm down. Something like this has been true in a lot of countries throughout history, and it doesn't have that kind of effect. It's just the conscripts. We're not talking about the elite soldiers, career officers, or other lifers here.

Actually, it's an policy they had in place for years. It was canceled around 2010 by the second Ahmadinejad administration.

Yes it's the poor and uneducated that are the most attracted to ideology. That's the point of view of someone unacquainted with both wealth and education.

This has already been happening, with Iranians who have the means to do so leaving the country before their military service. Go to a university in the US or in Europe and ask the many Iranian students there if they served in the military. Almost none of them did.

This seems pretty roundabout to me. If the government can compel people to serve in the military, can't it just raise taxes?

It might already be at the peak of the Laffer Curve for more common forms of taxation.

I think you are getting your axis of evil countries all tangled up;)
There is very little actual taxation on incomes taking place. More like a mix of
poll tax and consumption tax.

The 'Laffer Curve'?

April Fools?

ps NEVER has a specious notion been so splendidly monikered

Taxes are low and poorly constructed/enforced but cost of living pressures are very high. If comprehensive tax reform took place probably everyone would benefit.

Taxes on what?

Oil's big price drop "... might even have been a late factor in Cuba’s decision to seal a rapprochement with Washington."

Now that Venezuela's fortunes have sunk, Cuba's found another sugar daddy(?) Well played, Hermanos Castros. Well played.

Money isn't everything, and neither is today's budget crisis when compared to tomorrow's strategic victory. The Iranian government obviously doesn't need the money badly enough to give up on their nuclear bomb program.

But that is the only way to ensure peace. No nation with nukes has been attacked by another nuclear power.

While true, a nation with nukes has been attacked by multiple nations without nukes. It is likely Israel had a working nuclear device in 1973 during the Yom Kippur war.

Having a nuclear deterrent could allow Iran to give up on on conscription and reduce the size of their armed forces and so improve the efficiency of their economy. Giving Iran a few dozen nuclear weapons would be an interesting form of economic aid, but not one that is likely to be attempted. And giving away nuclear weapons as aid would probably get more bang for the buck in lower income countries anyway.

"And giving away nuclear weapons as aid would probably get more bang for the buck in lower income countries anyway."

That's true enough.

Look, the Associated Press has put out a series of articles on the lousy state of our own Air Force's program and safeguards for handling of our nuclear weapons.

The last thing we should be considering is handing nuclear weapons out.

People had been able to buy their way out of compulsory service on and off for decades. This is not news.

Iran is a Muslim country and we all know Islam is religion of peace. So why do they even have a military?

People had been able to buy their way out of compulsory service on and off for decades

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