The (refugee) problem with the Coase theorem

The EU’s agreed a €3bn deal with Turkey in order to help keep more migrants in the country, and reduce the influx of migrants. There’s been a lot of squabbling over how much each EU member state would pay, and the commitments have finally been agreed. The cash has not yet been delivered with concrete details yet to be ironed out. This has not been helped with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatening to send buses of migrants over the borders. The deal is sweetened for Turkey with a renewed commitment to talk about possible EU accession, and visa-liberalisation for Turkish citizens into the Schengen Area.

Perhaps the last part of that deal would not prove so popular with many EU citizens.  Elsewhere:

…Tsipras has upped the ante again: warning parliament in Athens that he will not allow Greece to become, “a warehouse of souls,” and announcing that if Greece is left alone to deal with the crisis, he would block EU decisions at the next leaders’ summit in Brussels.

The Open Europe post is a good look at how Europe is failing to solve its refugee problems, or even come close.


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