Hermance, Switzerland


I am here to give a talk on randomized control trials, a public choice perspective.  Angus Deaton and Josh Angrist are among the other speakers, along with many people in the medical field.  The first question, not quite resulting from a controlled experiment, is whether this setting, on Lake Geneva, improves or worsens my mood…


Depends on whether you choose to focus on that stream of sewage in the middle, or the blue water to the right...

That looks like a creek or canal flowing into the lake; and not the sewage duct kind, given that it runs uncovered past fancy houses. So I expect the discoloration is just silt -- though I have no idea what stirred it up.

Extraordinary heavy rainfall in the past 2 weeks

I agree, although silt is not necessarily a great thing. it means that some farmers upstream are tilling the soil, which means potentially run-off of chemical fertilizer and manure. Soil runoff isn't a great thing in itself.

FWIW, the creek seems from Google Street Maps to be a border between France and Switzerland

That photo says "go sailing."

It's all those strikes in France!

I thought you were an NBA fan... No Cavs talk?

We're all still taking the victory in.

It was a fix. NBA likes to mix it up once in a while. Since both were 'small city' teams there's no need to give it to a big city team. Game 5 was given to the Cavs by the officials, and the rest were officiated so the Cavs had a +5 point de facto handicap. No, I didn't watch any of the games, just using Austrian economics type logic.

Ayeshan Curry type logic.

dispersion & mixing, very interesting topics.

I agree the brown water is silt, but in the Philippines it would be literally black, not brown. And it's not silt, or sh it.

Stop bragging about all the fun you're having, Tyler.

Just mood affiliation. Finding fault with paradise because the US is going to be stuck with Hillary Clinton for at least four years. The sane political system of the Swiss, on the other hand, has a presidency that rotates among the seven members of the Federal Council, an executive council which constitutes the federal government of and serves as the collective head of government and state of Switzerland. The entire council is responsible for leading the federal administration of Switzerland, each Councillor heads one of the seven federal executive departments. The position of Federal President rotates among the seven Councillors on a yearly basis, with the year's Vice President becoming next year's President. Not stuck with a rotten egg in a hell-bound hand basket.

Don't worry about the water, focus on the smoke above

+1 wow, back when lyrics had meaning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_on_the_Water ("The lyrics of the song tell a true story: on 4 December 1971 Deep Purple were in Montreux, Switzerland, where they had set up camp to record an album using a mobile recording studio (rented from the Rolling Stones and known as the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio—referred to as the "Rolling truck Stones thing" and "a mobile" in the song lyrics) at the entertainment complex that was part of the Montreux Casino (referred to as "the gambling house" in the song lyric). On the eve of the recording session, a Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention concert was held in the casino's theatre. This was to be the theatre's final concert before the casino complex closed down for its annual winter renovations, which would allow Deep Purple to record there. At the beginning of Don Preston's synthesizer solo on "King Kong", the place suddenly caught fire when somebody in the audience fired a flare gun toward the rattan covered ceiling, as mentioned in the "some stupid with a flare gun" line.[9][10] The resulting fire destroyed the entire casino complex, along with all the Mothers' equipment. The "smoke on the water" that became the title of the song (credited to bass guitarist Roger Glover, who related how the title occurred to him when he suddenly woke from a dream a few days later) referred to the smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva from the burning casino as the members of Deep Purple watched the fire from their hotel. "It was probably the biggest fire I'd ever seen up to that point and probably ever seen in my life" said bass guitarist Roger Glover, "It was a huge building. I remember there was very little panic getting out, because it didn't seem like much of a fire at first. But, when it caught, it went up like a fireworks display". The "Funky Claude" running in and out is referring to Claude Nobs, the director of the Montreux Jazz Festival who helped some of the audience escape the fire.)

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