Euthanasia arbitrage the moral hazard culture that is Belgian French

Demand curves do slope downwards:

Euthanasia tourists are flocking to Brussels to get a lethal dose. Doctors at hospitals and clinics at Belgium’s capital are seeing an increase in number of euthanasia tourists who are travelling from across the world to their accident and emergency rooms.

As elective medical killings are illegal in France, French patients are often arriving with suitcases. They believe that their request to die will be carried out within a week.

In 2015, a whopping 2,023 people were medically killed in Belgium. The number has more than doubled in five years. According to Olivier Vermylen, an emergency doctor at Brugmann University hospital, seven out of 15 euthanasia cases involved French people.

“It’s a phenomenon that did not exist five or six years ago. Nowadays I get phone calls about French people who arrive in the emergency room announcing that they want euthanasia,” Vermylen told Belgium’s Sudpresse newspaper, reports The Times.

Even at the Jules Bordet institute in Brussels, almost a third of euthanasia consultations, that is 40 out of 130 cases, are by French people. One of the primary reasons why people choose to get euthanized in Belgium is the cost.

Euthanasia in Switzerland costs €4,000 (AU$5,935), writes The Australian. However, euthanasia in Belgium is usually free as the treatment is covered by the European Union’s health insurance card. The bills are sent to French healthcare providers.

And here is a person who needs that extra dose of media training:

“Of course, Belgium is not here to euthanize half the planet. I can understand those who say that France should look after its own patients. But this is easy to say in the office. When you have a patient who is suffering in front of you, you don’t think of that. You help – whether they are French or not,” said Brugmann University hospital’s Michele Morret-Rauis.

I am sorry people, but in light of that state-dependent utility function known as “life or death,” if it ever came to such a point I would opt for Switzerland.

Here is the article, via the excellent T. Hynes.


'if it ever came to such a point I would opt for Switzerland'

Why not the Netherlands? They at least try to make sure that euthansia is not just a whim, which might have a bit of value in longer term considerations for someone who changes their mind before dying.

But this section from the wiki article was amusing, in its way - 'Dutch euthanasia laws are commonly put in a bad light in the United States and even proponents would rather not be associated with them. The Netherlands is commonly under fire by conservative American politicians for its euthanasia policies, being accused of "killing senior citizens." In 2000, Republican Steve Forbes stated that Dutch doctors "routinely kill patients without the patients' permission because they want a hospital bed," suggesting that there are well-documented abuses of official policies.

In 2012, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum falsely claimed that forced euthanasia accounted for 5% of all deaths in the Netherlands and that elderly Dutch people wear a bracelet reading “Do not euthanize me.” This claim was mocked by various Dutch sources and prompted the Dutch embassy to respond with relevant statistics disproving Santorum's claim, but the lack of a formal statement by Dutch officials angered Dutch politician Frans Timmermans, who demanded minister of foreign affairs Uri Rosenthal to take a public stance against such assertions.'

Santorum: is he the sort of ignoramus who believes that no one in Australia or the UK is allowed to own a gun? Or, at least, affects to know that.

Neither Australia nor the UK have the Bill of Rights or the Second Amendment. I'm fairly certain the UK doesn't have a written constitution.

You are not exercising a civil/human right when the state requires you to obtain a permit and register with the police that you own a gun or are a [fill-in-the-blank].

Santorum managed to get elected a US senator.

Gun control is one of the non-issues (you have better odds to win the lottery than to get shot) your rulers employ to distract ignorant liberals (I repeat myself again) from the actual, unnecessary hells.

"presidential candidate Rick Santorum " Oh come on, he went down in flames to my cat Muffin.

TC, the quoted comment by the "person who needs that extra dose of media training" is more intelligible than your next sentence.

Sorry, that's just how I feel.

And indeed the post headline, which would be improved by some rudimentary puctuation, but not greatly.

The difference may not only be in the price. Some definitions are needed to see the difference between Belgium (active euthanasia) and Switzerland (assisted suicide). In Belgium other individual will inject drugs in your veins while in Switzerland the individual trying to die need to be able to drink or operate the syringe.

Also, I agree with Tyler. The last quoted guy in the article needs media training but there's also yellow journalism by the omission of useful context. When you read the quote "When you have a patient who is suffering in front of you, you don’t think of that." you visualize a well-oiled slaughterhouse with people entering by one door and caskets being carried by other door, 24/7..............while the reality is: "Not including an extended history of previous therapy sessions with their respective practitioners, among the 35 patients who underwent euthanasia, the average number of psychiatric counselling sessions with LT following the request for euthanasia was 3.49±4.42 (mean±SD) per patient. The average time between making the request for euthanasia (ie, the first session with LT) and performing the euthanasia procedure was 8.66±9.55 months (mean±SD)." All that bashing the EU gets for being so bureaucratic and full of regulations also applies to euthanasia

Severe and arbitrary government intervention in personal medical decisions and medical markets is the foundation problem here. U.S., European, and other governments embody "the moral hazard culture".

Why not just go to Oregon? Transporting your remains will be much cheaper.

They need to create euthanasia centers like in Soylent Green where people can experience, in virtual reality, past scenes from their dying cultures before they go.

Which cultures are dying?

The one that rationalizes murder by calling it euthanasia.

While in Ohio noone rationalizes murder. Oh, joyful land!

If someone is suffering and you demand that they continue to suffer, are you not their torturer?

if someone is old and in this culture feels they are a drain on society, and you are pubic ally in favour of euthanasia, are you not their murderer?

Holy Strawman Argument, Batman!

I'm not talking about killing old people that are a drain on the system. I'm talking about letting suffering people choose to end their own lives with the help of others.

Nobody is trying to smother your grandmother.

Yeah, all 5 per year who could still theoretically have procreated.

Next in the news: Western culture is preserved completely by outlawing certain molecules from plastic bottles, with a statistical expectation of 5 lives per year. It will make all the difference in the world. This is a matter of civilizational survival.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to go for a stroll in Detroit?

I'm guessing I could create a painless death kit for $20. Instead of filling those propane tanks with butane or propane, fill them with nitrogen. Use the same valve regulator as for a torch. And connect the valve to a medical mask and hose.

Put on the mask, turn on the nitrogen and in a minute you will be passed out.

This is a socially responsible version of the various "hemlock" society solutions that involve renting a party canister of helium which is a scarce and expensive resource.

And I figure this kit would be provided to people who don't buy Obamacare policies for use when they need medical care and can't pay cash five minutes after getting them to sign organ donation papers.

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