The culture that is French (British)

A French town is to christen one of its streets “rue du Brexit” in a move its far-Right Front National mayor says is to “pay tribute to the sovereign British people” who chose to leave the European Union.

Critics point out that the road is in an ugly industrial zone and “goes nowhere” as it is circular.

In a highly symbolic move, Julien Sanchez, FN mayor of Beaucaire in the southern Gard département (county), chose to place Brexit street next to “rue Robert Schumann” and “rue Jean Monnet” – streets named after two of the founding fathers of a post-war European Union.

Here is the link, via the excellent Samir Varma.


Why is Tyler up late? I'll be the first to say this.

Oh! He's still in Africa, my bad. Well at least the street is not a dead end!

Sanchez? Ha, what a world.

Yes, a guy with Spanish surname uses an English neologism to display French national pride.

That's proof of the openness of French civic nationalism ;)

He lives not far from French Catalonia. So maybe his surname is French?

They're naming it after an English neologism.

Such nationalism, much French, very cultural identity. Wow.

It's rather a left wing line to take that all nationalism must involve petty parochialism. Not for M Sanchez apparently: good for him.

The Academie does not approve.

Maybe the nationalism of the educated tends to be petty and parochial? At least in Paris?

French leave

an unauthorized or unannounced departure; absence without permission.

Now we have British leave.

I hope they didn't mean to name the street after Robert Schuman, the French politician, but end up naming it after Robert Schumann, the German composer. That seems to be carrying European unity a bit too far.

The road is circular eh? "Brexiter Ring" would have sounded good if it had been a German town.

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