What scientists think about scientists

Both male and female scientists felt that female scientists (light bars) were more objective, intelligent, etc. than male ones (dark bars), although the differences were larger when it was female scientists making the ratings.

I found this interesting too:

Strikingly, though, early-career scientists were rated as having less objectivity, integrity and open-mindedness than PhD students – or so thought the senior scientists.

Junior researchers, however, saw themselves as being slightly superior to PhD students…

Here is more, via the excellent Samir Varma.


This feels incomplete without some data on actual objectivity, intelligence, etc.

it was interested for thx

So now science is about feeling that someone is smarter, or more capable, or smells better.

Research about what one THINKS usually is.

Nerds can be quite the cucks, begging for the female approval they never received. I don't think they're any more rational than ordinary people. They believe what they do because it's "popular" rather than rational. I say this as a self identifying nerd.

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If we're doing what-about-ism, here is a summary and some analysis of sex scandals among D and R politicians. Dems had the upper hand back in the day (your Kennedy comment), but Republicans been much more prolific recently (congressional pages and Mark Foley). It seems everyone's a hypocrite.


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By "rallying behind" you mean defeating his attempt to become a mayoral candidate?
"How would you compare Trump’s behavior with women to that of, say, MLK Jr. or a typical member of the Kennedy clan?"
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(congressional pages and Mark Foley).

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"I’m sure the women just can’t enough of you. I can just feel your happiness, radiating through the computer screen."
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A good quick rule of thumb for evaluating food is that if it contains high-fructose corn syrup, it's probably junk food. In exactly the same way, a good quick rule of thumb for evaluating a post on the internet is the word "cuck."

There are surely *some* intelligent comments that toss around the word "cuck" as an insult, in much the same way that there are surely *some* reasonably healthy foods that have HFCS. But that's not the way to bet.

Well, you could actually address the point that was made. I think there's something to it, in my company, the tech workers are significantly more likely to be liberal than those in managerial or sales positions.

So...male scientists are slightly sexist, while female scientists are substantially so? And neither feel any social desirability pressure to lie about it?

I interpret this as an indication that Scientist is not a prestigious occupation.

So female scientists suffer more from irrational biases towards their own gender?

I interpret this is male scientists being some mix of gracious, pressured, and dishonest. Female scientists likely feel put upon to prove themselves beyond the rigors facing male scientists in a mostly male setting, explaining the high self-appraisal.

What about junior and senior scientists? Seriously, why Americans obsess about sex? It is sad.

Americans don't, women do. Blacks obsess about being black. Most people don't give a crap.

Lower the status of women.

Or lower the status of anyone who would even deign to answer the question. A scientist is judged on their work. Colleagues, co-workers, bosses, underlings and other more menial relationships are judged on how people smell.

Exactly. Is 'rational' a well-defined construct? And is there any data for the comparative rationality or intelligence of male and female scientists? If the answers are 'no', then why would any rational scientist be willing to even provide an answer?

My sense is that if you asked ANY question where female scientists could plausibly be given a higher rating (e.g. not 'which sex is generally taller'), you'd have gotten the same pattern of answers. Yet another variation of the Althouse Rule.

I feel that our feelings would tell us a lot more about is true if only we spent more time listening to our feelings.

And if we publish it in a scientific journal it gets called science, which will make us feel even better.

The differences are almost not significant for male scientists, in rating males or females. But the females have a clear, strong own gender bias.

Though if you ask them who, specifically, among their peers, are the most brilliant, or innovative, or design the most interesting projects, I wonder what the genders are of the specific people they pick?

We need to remember that in many disciplines 50 to 70 percent of all research pushed in refereed journals can't be replicated. Having scientists rate themselves is like holding the NBA draft at a midget convention.

I'dike to see an objective comparison of academic scientist ethics and performance experience vs. that of commercial scientists where they are measured on, you know, results, not popularity.

Might be interesting to see how these same "scientists" explain the lack of success of women in the hard sciences, must definitively be sexism!

I can't think of a single goddamn reason beyond pure lack of intelligence that would hold womyn back from succeeding in the HARD sciences. Fertility is going down and stupidity is going up.

Hmm. Is the story here that female scientists think that female scientists are more rational, objective, open-minded, and intelligent? As it was pointed out above, it seems that data on rationality, objectivity, open-mindedness, and intelligence is needed... a daunting (impossible?) task.

At any rate, an interesting article.

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See how a p<.05 paper brings out the stupid in everybody? Maybe that's the point.

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