Old globalization, meet the new globalization…

France is careening toward a nail-biter presidential election this month that pits a crowded field against anti-E.U. titan Marine Le Pen. But E.U. funds pay her salary, support her assistants, and underwrite the conferences and books she churns out to attack the 28-nation bloc. Key British leaders of the successful Brexit campaign got their financial lifeline from Brussels euros. Elsewhere in Europe, self-identified fascists are paying for rallies to further the future of the “white race” by breaking up the E.U. — all thanks to E.U. money.

…[these parties] get millions because of their heft in elections for the European Parliament, an institution that is short on power but flush with cash.

Here is the Washington Post story by Michael Birnbaum.  I say that Hegel, and works of Continental philosophy that use the word “totalizing,” should be raised in status!

Addendum: Here is more from Farrell and Newman.


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