Regulatory progress in Arlington, Virginia?

Arlington County is considering whether to relax regulations that allow homeowners to legally rent to long-term tenants on a portion of their property, after only 20 homeowners out of 28,000 eligible successfully obtained licenses over the past eight years.

At a time when people increasingly are sharing cars, bicycles and workspaces, and are renting out rooms by the night on Airbnb, the idea of providing a legal way for residents to safely lease their garage or basement room to a young adult — or anyone else — seemed like a no-brainer.

But the detailed regulations, written in part to mollify wary neighbors, apparently stopped the practice from taking off, county officials said.

That is from Patricia Sullivan at the Washington Post.  As a frontier for further deregulation, this does not seem to be a hopeless cause:

California’s legislature passed bills in 2016 that made it easier for local communities to create ADUs, prompting cities throughout the state to adopt ordinances that are designed to be more user-friendly.

Even California.


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