The Duke Summer Institute for History of Economic Thought, 2018

You will find below the poster advertising the 2018 Duke Summer Institute on the History of Economics, which will run June 19-24. This year’s Summer Institute differs from those we have offered in the past, in that it is aimed at young scholars who wish to present their own research. Each morning the scholars named in the poster below will present and lead discussions on their own writings. In the afternoons each of the young scholars will have the opportunity to present their research, and the assembled group will workshop it. Double occupancy housing in the J. B. Duke Hotel, a fine hotel on the edge of campus, will be provided free of charge.  We will also offer limited travel support on a case by case basis. More information about the Summer Institute and instructions on how to apply (deadline for application: March 2, 2018) may be found on the Center for the History of Political Economy’s website under “Summer Institutes.” We would greatly appreciate it if you would advertise this on Marginal Revolution.

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Will the hosts promise not to mention Duke basketball? To be clear, I have nothing against Duke basketball, other than their players and coach. Besides basketball, I've been told that Duke students are not only liberal, but threateningly liberal. One needs to know if the Duke campus is safe for conservatives and libertarians before MR can recommend this institute.

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A German surnamed guy wrote a one-volume book or dictionary on the history of economic thought that I have in my hardcopy library. Of interest, he points out that the theory of scarcity and downward sloping demand curves are observed even by animals, so nothing new there. A lot of pioneering economic ideas did not originate from the well-recognized names, who popularized these ideas. Even TC's "Great Stagnation" theme is not original to TC (nor to Gordon); I recall reading a science article from the late 90s that said the same thing (and I'm sure even it was a derivative source).

" I recall reading a science article from the late 90s that said the same thing"

And then there was this:

Written & published right before the Netscape browser!

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