How the government shutdown will end the real Deep State has acted

Here is a reprise from my January 17 column:

The real power here is held by government employees, especially those in critical jobs. Let’s say that more TSA screeners decided to walk off the job. It’s already the case that the TSA absentee rate has gone up to 7.6 percent, from 3.2 percent a year ago. It is possible to imagine screeners staying home in much greater numbers, thus crippling the entire nation. That could either force President Donald Trump’s hand or lead to a congressional override of a potential presidential veto.

And the close:

So what does the final equilibrium look like? Some number of extra weeks (months?) of talking about Trump and the wall. Trump over time becoming less popular. Congressional Republicans folding, and Trump lying about both the outcome and the process. Democrats looking better, at least relatively. Federal workers emerging with bruised morale, but mostly intact.

If you think those are implausible outcomes, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to the last two years.

File under Prophets of the Marginal Revolution…


He did cave, but as of now only temporarily. I guess this buys him time to craft a face saving way to cave permanently. Don't know why he doesn't demand double the $ for 'border security' and tell people that's better than his cheapo wall demand.

The Cave TM will help erode his base and put his disapproval ratings which are highest on record into even bleaker territory. This opens up impeachment but with Pelosi, being against it, may have a revolt on her hands who see her as soft on Trump. More popcorn needed.

The wall is like a monument to him, personally. He can say he built it, he did it, it's his, you're welcome, etc. Whereas a bunch of additional border patrol Trumpian glory in that, is my guess.

This could have ended easily if Pelosi loved her country more than she hates Trump. The Democrat party has turned communist on us.

Trump keeps winning. The Pelosi shutdown was a disaster for America. But Trump is too smart for a dumb broad like her and used his deal-making abilities to keep America great.


Is Ann Coulter a "dumb broad" too?

"Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States." - Ann Coulter

It would be foolish to rule Trump out of this yet. He has been reasonably quiet and polite lately and that should scare the bejesus out of the alt-left. He is up to something. Pelosi and Schumer better go read The Art of The Deal because I think they are about to be Trumped.

LOL at the Trumpies trying to spin defeat into anything but. Just you wait, Trump is polite so he's playing 4D chess and this is all part of the plan.

As Baghdad Bob once said:

"Faltering forces of infidels cannot just enter a country of 26 million people and lay besiege to them! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege. Therefore, in reality, whatever this miserable Rumsfeld has been saying, he was talking about his own forces. Now even the American command is under siege."

Since most of you lot are too dumb to understand metaphor, I'll help you out. You guys are as delusional as Baghdad Bob.

Or you can choose not to wait and see and be proved the fool...

What a dumb thing to say. We are all just waiting to see what happens. After we all just saw Trump cave. Bigly.

Please continue, Baghdad Bob.

One would think that after the latest black eye of the left jumping to conclusions about the Covington students. But no! They keep on jumping. I get it! You hate Trump and America and embrace Obama and fascism. Keep that hope alive...

Look at you all mad. Tired of winning yet?

Agreed he needs something to point to and say 'look I won!'. Maybe use the $5.7B+ to create a new border patrol called TrumpForce or something. Or shit, just put up some barriers and put his name on those. This whole thing is a symbolic crapfest, give him a symbol that the Dems can sell to their base.

Agreed. And Middlebury or Evergreen student will be tearing it down anyhow as soon as the Dems grab the White House. Better to build something electronic that works?

Sure. You can have money for drones and blimps. We would have given that to you months ago without the nonsense just to shut you up. That was always on offer you idiots.

What we will never cave on:

1) DACA, with citizenship for recipients and parents
2) unlimited asylum claims
3) the ability to cross illegally and claim asylum for families
4) immediate release from detention for illegal crossing if asylum is applied for (upon credible fear)
5) indefinite status quo for temporary refugee status
6) the ability to apply for work permits while awaiting asylum claims
7) right of privacy for asylum claimants (no ankle bracelets)
8) no ICE funding for internal enforcement against nonviolent undocumented immigrants or asylum claimants who have a court order to deport
9) Privacy wall between ICE and all other state and federal law enforcement agencies. You don’t get to deport a DV victim because she reported domestic assault.

As always, you guys lose. And as always, in the stupidest way possible.

Warren 2020

Nominating someone as far out of the National Overton Window as Elizabeth Warren is the only way Trump can win in 2020. Please don't do that, Democrats.


If those points are what you really want, you are crazy.

It’s Hmmm, he’s being sarcastic. But it spells out the Dems wish list well. The Dems, they hate our country as it is presently constituted and they apparently won’t rest until we are adding 500,000 illegals a year.

If 500,000 are legalized, then they are not illegal. See how this game of immigration semantics is useless. Also, Obama has deported more than Trump and has built more walls too. To use your rhetoric, Trump hates America more than Obama and the Dems; his wallfail is another example of more America-hating.

My progressive friends assured me first that Trump was restricting immigration (aka going against “open borders”) because he was racist. Then it was because he stood to profit personally in some unexplained way.

What if he’s simply a patriot who sees that we have debts and obligations to our fellow citizens, some of whom are economically hurt by the influx of unskilled workers, debts and obligations that are far stronger and different than any we might have to non-citizens?

Lol. Trump's not a patriot. He loves himself more than he does the country. That and he hates more than half the country that didn't vote for him. Can't love country if you hate its countrymen.

Dear God,
Well, Hmm really trolled me - I had to run for my high blood pressure meds.

You are correct about the Dems - they hate the US, it's institutions, history, and culture. They also gate white people, including themselves. The self-hatred is a kind of penance. If they destroy what they perceive vas white culture they will be absolved. Like RGB, the gate the Constitution, except when it serves their purposes. They would prefer it be replaced with left judges who decide cases based in mood affiliation.

God help us all - we have a long war before us.

Replace "gate" with "hate". Autocorrect killed me!

Build the gate!

I rewrote this for the other side to see how stupid these rants can be:

You are correct about the Repubs - they hate the US, it's institutions, history, and culture. They also hate black and brown people, women too. The self-hatred is a kind of penance. If they destroy what they perceive as black/brown culture they will be absolved. Like Thomas, they hate the Constitution, except when it serves their purposes. They would prefer it be replaced with right judges who decide cases based in mood affiliation.

God help us all - we have a long war before us.

Man, I'm so pissed off today. Another victory for Democrats. Why does my side keep losing? I'm tired of losing. It hurts.

An obvious sock puppet. You want to see losing? Just show up for the drunk old lady's book tour.

"" Maybe use the $5.7B+" I didn't see that, but if he got the 5.7 B he did win.

No you misunderstand, I meant he should stop asking for "a Wall" and just take the Dems' offer which was to use $5.7 bil for additional non-Wall border measures. I think they even offered more. ALl they need is for it not to involve a "Wall". It's not about the money, is a pure symbolic fight. Problem is Trump needs a "Wall" or he loses.

I just thought he could use his Trumpy lying superpower to take the Dems deal and then spin it to his base, who believes all his bullshit. Say 'look I got even more money from Pelosi!' and pretend that was the plan all along or something. His base is dumb enough to buy that, outside of Ann Coulter of course.

"The wall is like a monument to him, personally."

I think this is correct in a literal and non-metaphoric sense. Trump is about big, branded, physical things.

Touch bases with his awful 9/11 comment abut the height of Trump Tower:

Only parenthetically in the middle of the 10-minute conversation did Trump turn to a favorite topic—size. “40 Wall Street,” he said, referring to his 71-story building blocks away from the now-collapsed twin towers, “actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest—and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest.”

Marcus chalked up the remark to “Donald being Donald. … He is the brand manager of Trump, and he is going to tout that brand, and he does it reflexively,” he said. “Even on that day.”

Just the way his mind works.

Trump personally benefitted from 9/11. His is a sick, sick man. Sad.

Trump might not have built a wall, but he's good at building caves. Big, beautiful caves.

Methinks the federal bureaucracy becomes contractually vulnerable to being RIF'd after 30 days of inactivity, but I'm open to correction of course. If a byproduct of this shutdown is outsourcing the TSA to the private sector, then that would count as a very nice benefit to this supreme, month-long-plus illustration that our government has gotten far out of hand.

Yes maybe we can get the private prison contractors to do it, or Halliburton or maybe Blackwater?

Remember, TSA has not allowed a single hijacking since they took over from private contractors that regularly allowed hijackings.

How, exactly, do you expect private contractors to improve on this record.

Sure, it is inconvenient. But I doubt that private security would eliminate much of the causes of that.

Regularly allowed hijackings? That seems exaggerated.

Heck, there were plane hijackings every month in the late '60's

No one died & there was no moral panic.

apples to orangatangs
in the 60s
highjackers weren't flying the planes into tall buildings

Remember, TSA has not allowed a single hijacking since they took over from private contractors that regularly allowed hijackings.

How, exactly, do you expect private contractors to improve on this record.

Sure, it is inconvenient. But I doubt that private security would eliminate much of the causes of that.

Define "regularly"

More than zero is a good place to start the definition.

Allah, not private airport security, gave us the 9/11 triumphs.

The TSA must be greater than Allah, because He hasn't given us any more triumphs since they showed up.


Even we deplorable asses don't say stuff like that: You just wrote that Allah is a myth and Islam is a superstition. You is a Islamophobe!

Actually the opposite, which is typical for people with 88-90 IQ like yourself. I just confirmed Allah's existence and His inferiority to a U.S. government program.

Go get your diapers, bro, your cross over has morphed into a split doge.

"More than zero is a good place to start the definition."
Not really.

Devastating riposte

you see what i'm saying though

OK. More than once would be the start of the definition of occasionally. Regularly would mean often. After the skyjacking wave of the '70s, which was a world wide phenomenon, there were about three major incidents involving domestic flights - one in 1983, two in 1987. Sept. 11 was tragic, but an outlier.

U.S. airliner hijackings ended as soon as Americans decided the hijackers were likely to crash the plane into something. The people on the plane always had overwhelming force against the hijackers available to them, it just didn't make sense to use it just to avoid the inconvenience of a trip to Cuba.

Richard Reid and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, for example, found that out the hard way.

"outsourcing the TSA to the private sector"

Will by free lunch economics result in air traffic management hardware on private owned aircraft magically being installed for free, and all the ground hardware magically appearing for free?

The problems with US air traffic control is opposition to paying for hardware required to automate flight control and eliminate error prone human sensor and data transmmission operations.

In 2010, after hardware was demonstrated that complied with US and international standards at a cost of only a few thousand per aircraft for general aviation, the Obama issued a mandate first drafted during the Bush administration with updates incorporating public comments. In the more than 8 years since, hardware costs have fallen for ADS-B Out, yet only about 40% of aircraft in the US meets the mandate needed to fly in the US in 11 months.

The FAA and airlines are installing the hardware, and training their workers to use the system committed to basically a decade ago.

The FAA and industry are reaping significant gains from the investment made in NEXTGEN which is about 50% complete based on the roadmap and goals laid out while Bush was president.

However, with the Jan 1, 2020 deadline rushing upon us, the Trump administration has not made driving the private sector toward compliance. If the deadline is missed, radar technology from the 50s and 60s will continue to be required to be maintained by the FAA, or any private operator.

Perhaps, a private gse will find it easier to ground half the aircraft in the US than President Trump, or Sec Chao (Sen McConnell's wife), but I doubt it.

Have you found in your private employment your employer agrees with your demand that it spend whatever money you demand to make your work more productive, or, more importantly, agree to dictate its customers spend money based on your demands? Say in your job as food server, your employer refuses to allow customers who are sloppy eaters requiring you to clean up after them to be customers?

"The problems with US air traffic control is opposition to paying for hardware required to automate flight control and eliminate error prone human sensor and data transmmission operations."

I have an algorithm that wil find any and all optimum separations between destinations. It is a variation of the Uber app. Have the government send me a $1000, and make sure the pilots have a smart phone.

Is there some punctuation missing in your title? The title is currently incoherent.

Wilbur Ross couldn't understand why Federal workers are going to food banks and told them to just get a bank loan. Is this billionaire that Trump appointed that clueless and out of touch?

Do you realize that contractors without a steady government job routinely face the same challenges that the furloughed fed employees face today? They save and plan for them. It's not the taxpayer's fault that fed bureaucrats are living recklessly, hand to mouth.

The saving grace of the shutdown is that it showed nobody really noticed the fed government's absence for the month.

Bonus trivia: as a member of the 1% with extensive real estate holdings, I have a vested interest in keeping the deep state in power, and happy, as it helps the rental market. So the above does not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Ray Lopez Enterprises.

True. All true.

During the horrid eight years of the Obama Apocalypse, millions of workers went out of work and most knew they were not being paid until they find a new job and most didn't have access to quick-and-easy loans - USAA Savings Bank budgeted $15 million for USCG (DoT not DoD in peace time) families, as did the too-big-to-fail banks.

There are taxpayers (an endangered species) and there are tax takers. The tax takers always win. Because both tax-dependents and self-loathing imbeciles are allowed to vote.

"There are taxpayers (an endangered species) and there are tax takers. The tax takers always win. Because both tax-dependents and self-loathing imbeciles are allowed to vote."

Which category do you fall under?

You first.

Oh Hell, I've paid income taxes (alternative minimum in the 2000's) each and every year since 1967. Real estate taxes since 1979.

You bet'cha I'm an imbecile. I believe that that which is unsustainable will ultimately collapse. And, it won't be pretty.

In times like these, it always strikes me how growing up in 1995 had to be so different than in 1967 than in 1945. My god, the intellectual generation of the 1960's fought three wars post an Atom Bomb and the birth of Israel. Say what you want about David Foster Wallace, even Arundhati Roy and Thomas Pynchon, Facebook and Google. But this government shutdown, how apparent can it be. Man, the marches and the war and all that, and still, my generation remembers Bob Dylan and Noam Chomsky and when we are lost we remember Howard Zinn (and Maya Angelou).

"What have I done?" Mr. Chomsky asks. It turns out, the 1960's expressed perhaps the greatest tidal wave of academic honesty like the 1940's showed the greatest show of strength. Well, it turns out my generation has some pretty nasty shit to tread through. Terrorism, man. It's spread out, it's hard to plot on graph. It eats at you and you suffer silently. Gangs. It's senseless. Depression. Isolation.

It also turns out there are some absolutes we learned. 1) When we are "at peace," or (cuz let's face it, Clinton's presidency was war time), or a better term, when we are happy with status quo--that is a time when corruption, or a better term, reputation management is at its coarsest. And man when I think of the 1960's, I wouldn't have it any other way.

2) A life of sacrifice is noble.

3) Being evil is the same as being insane. Being insane is not the same as being evil. Being evil means you take pleasure in other's pain.

Well, where did gains from 1960's intellectual effectivism go? To sports and movies. If I could change culture, it would be political. Yet something tells me the political system is just fine.

Umm, they shut down La Guardia earlier today. Hard not to feel the absence of a major airport like that.

"Gee, thanks Wilbur, that was real helpful"
Best Regards Donald

What happened to all the people who said government should be run like a business? If an employer missed paying worker paycheck for many weeks and forced them to work without pay, they not only would get fired but hauled off to jail.

Are you aware of Trumps business history? Stiffs people on the regular.


Trump 2020.

Not fair. You'd stiff people too if you went bankrupt a zillion times. It could happen to anybody.

Are you sure about that?

Everything he wrote is pretty much bullshit.

If Trump ran the government like his businesses, it would be bankrupt 5 times. Thank god for checks and balances.

What is astonishing to me is the fact that his entire campaign was run on placing American needs first. He started with "Mexico will pay for it" and has gone so far to say " I will shut down my own government and screw over my own people to pay for a wall that I promised someone else would pay for".

Additionally, there were two consecutive years where Trump had both a Republican house and Senate. Suddenly, once the Democrats are elected to a House majority, the southern border and wall are national security concerns warranting a state of emergency declaration?

This is a farce. Sure, if we needed to stop the Mongol hordes from invading our villages let's get that big beautiful wall up. As it is, we have cost-effective and security-effective technology that could be installed in place of a wall. Let's call this what it is, Trump wants to have a landmark in his name, not because it will benefit the country, but to serve his ego. That's what he's always been about. Shame on the republicans for tacitly supporting this nonsense person.

I want to cry. Call a waaambulance! I'm so ashamed.

They caught 60,000 illegals last month. Imagine how many they missed.

Today, 800 redundant federal employees will get two the amounts of pay-checks instead of one two weeks ago and one today. Great suffering! The horror! The horror!

Anyhow, the rest if us, 320 million, didn't notice.

Federal employees are 85% Democrat constituents. They didn't vote Trump in any numbers in 2016.

Trump 2020. The alternative (open borders, higher taxes, eat-the-rich, slower economic growth, health care rationing, Venezuela-style socialism) is unthinkable.

It's pretty clear a Democratic president, and his/her/zir judicial appointments will mean Hate Speech (not free speech), Assault Weapons (banned), and dry-foot/dry-foot immigration policy (if you get a foot over the border, you're in). Then the Democrats' leftward ratchet really starts and doesn't stop until everybody gets so sick of them we vote in our own version of Bolsonaro. Or Pinochet.

Trump 2020.

"we vote in our own version of Bolsonaro. Or Pinochet."

Pinochet style helicopter rides for people you disagree with? So antifa isn't wrong to call you guys fascist then. The left may hate hate speech but you plainly hate speech.

They’re not illegal. Border crossing is not a crime, it’s a civil offense.

It’s also irrelevant , because all of Latin America has the human right to claim asylum. Asylum from gangs, violence, incompetent government, domestic violence, homophobic violence, and civil society dysfunction.

We rule by law. The law says they have every right to be here. And they will come.

You can cry into your taco bowl from Trump Tower. But you’re the equivalent of FDR’s state department refusing Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.

LOL. It's literally an outlaw act. And by outlaw act, I mean you are putting yourself outside any sovereign's civil law. It is completely up to the sovereign what it wants to do with you.

At the Indian-Bangladesh border, they shoot you and leave your body out there on the wire. Nobody's arrested, because there's no Grand Supreme High Court of Sovereignty to issue any indictments or warrants. If a group of Russians in a rubber raft lands on the beach in Alaska and gets machine-gunned to pieces while they're waving "Asylum" signs, then that's that. The US can prosecute the machine-gunners. Or not.

International law is anarchic, not civic.

If you are so enamored with the way they do things in India or Bangladesh, its plain obvious you should move there. America's freedom loving ways deeply pains you, so why not?

You've been misinformed. Improper entry to the U.S. as additional civil penalties, but it's also a crime.

See Title 8, Section 1325 of the U.S. Code (U.S.C.), or Section 275 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) for the exact statutory language.

I live it that the 27% crazification factor feels more like 57% here

The equilibrium we have is regular government shutdowns, as history tells us. The current issue is whether this government shutdown is typical, and expected and not a problem. Even I would say that 34 days is an out of typical shutdown for us. So I am curious if this shutdown has the same linear benefit as the other shut downs, longer expansion periods.

Or, maybe he just wanted to give his State of the Union address next week and will shut us back down in mid-February

I'm embarrassed I didn't think of that. That's exactly correct.

I’d be suitably impressed by his cunning if that’s the case. Let the fed employees get a paycheque or three, deliver a good SOTU speech and do the shutdown over again. Maybe deliver the speech with some Union leaders by his side and talk about the jobs he’s created and the jobs he will save by preventing the incursion of ~20,000+ illegals per month.

I hope you don't actually think presidents 'create' jobs, nor will this wall make a dent in illegal immigration (most of which is overstayed visas not Rio Grande jumpers). I mean, of course Trump will say those things but the man is completely unafflicted by accuracy.

Not to worry. The real deep state (not TSA) is hard at work. The FBI is putting together solid evidence of complete Incompetence and stupidity.

Prediction, and feel free to pile on if wrong:

Trump or sons told his campaign to reach out to Stone about WikiLeaks releases. Stone never had any real sources of information or connection. He bs’d the entire time and never had control or information over anything. Trump is an idiot and a terrible manager and didn’t realize the consequences. Russia was behind the hacks and made a semi believable attempt at obfuscating source to Assange. Assange released whenever he wanted to because he’s an egomaniacal douche.

Trump campaign wanted to contact Wikileaks but got blown off.
The end.

Apologies, escape character wrong.

I am shocked, shocked, to hear about political campaigns digging up dirt on opponents.

I mean, it's not like a gang of high-level officials in the Executive Branch decided to pick sides in a democratic election or something, and coordinate with candidates on the acquisition and release of fanciful dossiers and using them pretextually to get FISA warrants or something.

Try something like this:

Russia, in a range of activities, aided Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Trump's gang interacted with them, possibly to the level of light collusion, as Trump negotiated for his Moscow hotel.

That created for Trump, after November 2016, a shitload of "oh, my god."

Trump the man could not, first and foremost, admit that he didn't do it on his own. But beneath that categorical denial was the knowledge that once you start pulling threads, nothing looks good for Trump, the self-made man, ever again.

So you do really stupid things like fire Comey and then actually tell the Russians that it is to end it.

In Helsinki Putin reminds Trump of his buried reality and .. slow burn to here.

The cover-up and obstruction of both investigations and sanctions become the *ongoing* collusion.

You left out “got peed on by a hooker”, anonymous. If you are going to drink the kook-aid so thoroughly, you shouldn’t leave out the peeing part. But “collusion lite”, nice touch.

Actually I was pretty conservative, naming things in current indictments, and even confessions.

Which union leaders? Maybe not the ones whose members in swings states just got outsourced to Mexico by GM...

What Cowen evades, what readers of this blog evade, is that dear leader is an idiot. Who approves a president who's an idiot? Idiots?

He's a lot of things but he's definitely not an idiot. He beat 16 professional politicians in the Republican primary. He beat The Most Qualified Candidate In History in the general, and he did it with the entire Business, Academic, Media and Government establishments opposing him.

Come on, just build the damn wall. Israel has a wall, Jordan has a wall. Even France just put up a wall in Calais. Walls work.

"Mr. Trump, build up this wall!"

You mean a French wall like this one?

No. The one they're building at Calais to prevent emigration to Britain.

So it is not a wall to stop immigration but to prevent people from leaving. You want a similar wall to keep Americans from leaving? Not only is that so East Germany, but you give examples that don't even properly illustrate your agenda.

I want a wall like Israel's. But I'll even settle for a fence like Macedonia's.

Using France to make your case makes your case a loser.

You're about 3 years too late.

Haha! Take THAT Obummer!

I say let the shutdown continue. Federal workers are paid about double what private sector workers get, so let them feel the burn. Heck, half of them seem to live in DC, anyway.

I read this post's title five times and still have no idea what it means.

At one level I share your confusion. Is Tyler claiming that the TSA is the Deep State, and TSA pressure is what turned Trump's Wall into a Cave? (Albeit a temporary cave.) That does not seem like a good description of what is happening.

At the other level, I would punctuate and parse the title like this:

"How the government shutdown will end (the real Deep State has acted)"

Aside from the weird headline, the rest of the text that Tyler quotes is fine. Indeed, perhaps so unobjectionable and standard as to be conventional wisdom? So I don't know that it qualifies to be filed with the Prophets of the Marginal Revolution.

Which makes me wonder what is filed under Profits of the Marginal Revolution?

How the govt shutdown will end. The real deep state has acted. ??

RePrivatize TSA? For many of us, that would the real payoff

How would a private TSA be better than a public one?

Unemployed Sears stock clerks dong airport security. What could go wrong?

Seriously, I don't see how the flying experience would be any different. No matter who is paying these people, we would still have to go through metal detectors and take off our shoes and jackets. How would we even know the difference?

It is possible to imagine screeners staying home in much greater numbers, thus crippling the entire nation.

So a reduction in the number of available flights and consequently the cancelling or postponement of some sales meetings, visits to ailing Aunt Suzy, trips to out-of-town NBA games and missed honorariums for speeches to stoned college students will cripple the nation? If that's the case the US might as well join Taiwan as a province of China and avoid humiliation.

And yes this was a very good prediction, Tyler.

It’s so cute when TC thinks he’s a prognosticator.

So we are celebrating the raw political power of unelected bureaucrats. Americans are the most repulsive bootlickers.

No we are celebrating the power of people who weren't getting paid for their work to prove that government jobs actually do matter.

To be honest, I don't really care about the wall or politics in general. But man its kinda fun when a narcissist like Trump gets humiliated so publicly. It feels good.

Agreed. Stone ,who was always slippery like an eel ,got indicted on this beautiful Friday. Donald Jr. is next! Mueller, unlike Trump, never caves.

"File under Prophets of the Marginal Revolution"

Trump has made tooting your own horn great again.

here is a reprise of our jan 17 comment
to the afore referenced jan 17 bloomberg column
"la problemma esta
federal law says if there is no/not enough tsa at the airport
then few/ nobody gets to fly"

jan 25 laguardia shuts down
bad fubar on the rise
jan25 gov. decides to shut up
and shut down the gov. shutdown

The democrats control the media and all the bleeding hearts were on 24/7. Next time, keep home land security live.

It's interesting to me that the sort of people who praise individual rights and free choice etc etc, but then get their undies tied all in a bunch when workers take control of their one asset and refuse to participate.

Of course what really did it was not the TSA workers going out, but the air traffic controllers. That was what cloased La Guardia, and that was what was causing major delays at Reagan National, the fave airport used by members of Congress. That is what really did it. Tyler was close, but did not quite have the banana.

BTW, it it pretty funny reading all the bent out of shape comments by all the Trumpsters on this.

Tyler signals how out of touch he is with the financial precarity of the average American household:

"Unless you are cash-strapped and need your regular paycheck, it seems like a tolerable if frustrating situation."

76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck
CNN Money, June 24, 2013

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