Injectable NanoParticles Let Mice See Near InfraRed!

Wow! This paper, Mammalian Near-Infrared Image Vision through Injectable and Self-Powered Retinal Nanoantenna, newly published in Cell seems like something from the future. Basically they injected nano-particles that convert near infra-red to visible light into the retinal layer of the eye in mice enabling the mice to see in the near infra-red.

…we developed ocular injectable photoreceptor-binding upconversion nanoparticles (pbUCNPs). These nanoparticles anchored on retinal photoreceptors as miniature NIR light transducers to create NIR light image vision with negligible side effects. Based on single-photoreceptor recordings, electroretinograms, cortical recordings, and visual behavioral tests, we demonstrated that mice with these nanoantennae could not only perceive NIR light, but also see NIR light patterns. Excitingly, the injected mice were also able to differentiate sophisticated NIR shape patterns. Moreover, the NIR light pattern vision was ambient-daylight compatible and existed in parallel with native daylight vision. This new method will provide unmatched opportunities for a wide variety of emerging bio-integrated nanodevice designs and applications.

…In summary, these nanoparticles not only provide the potential for close integration within the human body to extend the visual spectrum, but also open new opportunities to explore a wide variety of animal vision-related behaviors. Furthermore, they exhibit considerable potential with respect to the development of bio-integrated nanodevices in civilian encryption, security, military operations, and human-machine interfaces, which require NIR light image detection that goes beyond the normal functions of mammals, including human beings. Moreover, in addition to visual ability enhancement, this nanodevice can serve as an integrated and light-controlled system in medicine, which could be useful in the repair of visual function as well as in drug delivery for ocular diseases.

The researchers are mostly from China. It sometimes seems that Chinese researchers are naturally extropian, bolder and more optimistic about technology, human extension and the future than anyone else in the world.

Hat tip: Paul Kedrosky.


chinese biologists give the world infrared vision
while canucks give the world measles

That is an impersonator.

or mebbe you don't understand string theory?

Such is life in Trump’s America

So that is what America has become.

Three iconic Thiago posts: “That is an impostor!”, “So this is what America has become?”, and “I’m a dentist in Ohio, warning you about China’s depredations.”

Of course, Tabarrok has written many blog posts in which he expresses his wish for using humans as guinea pigs in the development of new drugs, so his excitement about this particular research is understandable. Authoritarian governments always have an elite corp, often called Republican Guard, a necessity for someone with many enemies. Imagine an elite corp that has been medically altered to maximize their ability as soldiers, essentially warrior robots with brains.

Every country in the world has soldiers gung ho(*) enough to try it.

But I'm thinking that the affluent countries have enough body mod people to try it too. It's not illegal right?

* - adopted by U.S. marines from Chinese gōnghé

Well, in the past, dye was injected into eyes to change their color, but we like don't talk about such road bumps when talking about the march of progress these days.

'bolder and more optimistic about technology, human extension and the future then anyone else in the world'

Well, there was this regime that also prized many of the same things as the Chinese (concentration camps for those who did not fit into the state's political scheme, for example), but somehow, they failed to win the sort of admiration often found at MR for the Chinese.

Here is another way the Chinese are bolder too - 'China has blocked millions of “discredited” travellers from buying plane or train tickets as part of the country’s controversial “social credit” system aimed at improving the behaviour of citizens.

According to the National Public Credit Information Centre, Chinese courts banned would-be travellers from buying flights 17.5 million times by the end of 2018. Citizens placed on black lists for social credit offences were prevented from buying train tickets 5.5 million times. The report released last week said: “Once discredited, limited everywhere”.

The social credit system aims to incentivise “trustworthy” behaviour through penalties as well as rewards. According to a government document about the system dating from 2014, the aim is to “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”'

“allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

Facebook/Google/Twitter etc. and university administrators are doing their best to meet this exacting standard.

No they aren't - there are no checkpoints with mandatory facial recognition scanners before entering a university campus, for example.

And realize that for Facebook/Google/Twitter, selling the data they are provided by their users is a very lucrative business, and that most certainly includes various governments. However, no one is forced to use Facebook/Google/Twitter for anything (Google being the hardest to avoid in practical terms, in general).

As I read that the IRS is now banning passports for people they don't like (people who haven't paid what they claim) and that LA city is shutting off water and power to businesses that don't have the correct permits as the nanny state expands. The only difference between what China is doing and what our bureaucrats and social justice advocates are trying to do is that we are still allowed to say what we want (first amendment) as long as it isn't racist, homophobic, sexist, or violates "conventional wisdom" or hate speech (whatever that means). We are banning air travel and don't have high-speed trains so that is no real difference.

Funny how scientists are always striving to make the mice's lives better and more comfortable while everyday people suffer. Whereas mice are given infrared vision by government-funded scientists playing God, John Q. Public freezes because he has no heat vision and has to turn pages like a chump bacause he lacks X-ray vision. Mice get new, big ears on their backs while people have to make do with what God gave them. I guess there are no Nobel Prizes in healing people.
A thought, eggheads, maybe you should care about humans, too. #speciesismsucks

American girls get new ears on their arms

But it was a replacement. Mice get to keep their original ears. Why are they being favored?

for the answer to your question you will need to sign up
for biology next semester


to know the truth
you must dissect a frog
you must be frog worthy

The truth is, Red China wants world conquest.

World conquest by an aging population with a falling fertility rate of 1.6? Well, the resistance will just have to plan their meetings after 10:00pm when the occupiers will all be in bed and we'll foil their patrols with IMD -- Improvised Mahjong Devices -- which will strew the streets with mahjong boards and pieces, forcing them to sit down and play for hours.

They are creating superweapons to conquer the West. According to Mr. Navrozov, Red China have nanoweapons that can be used to enforce Red totalitarism.

The last thing we will see
On the face of the Mandarins
in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin
Is surprise.
Whilst delivering a speech about their moral leadership.

Are you now Haiku Bill? Does your poem have a miter or is it free-form?

AlextT says: "It sometimes seems that Chinese researchers are naturally extropian, bolder and more optimistic about technology, human extension and the future then anyone else in the world" - because they are ignorant, having not read the literature, especially TC's "Great Stagnation". Plus their science is largely propaganda so it has to be optimistic.

"The researchers are mostly from China. It sometimes seems that Chinese researchers are naturally extropian, bolder and more optimistic about technology, human extension and the future then anyone else in the world."

--like gene editing for human reproduction, according to some recent accounts.

The only working morality for Holy Science is found in the word "Can", signalling mere ability ("Should" sometimes crops up to signal mere preference).

Maybe science is not to blame, but totalitarism.

Maybe Holy Science is totalitarian: seems committed still to its ambition to do EVERYTHING for us (when not "to us").

Science just deals with facts. Totalitarian regimes tey to weaponize science.

As long as its done privately, with informed consent in place, why not? The only bio-ethical issue that has any legitimacy at all is informed consent. That's why all of the anti-aging research we're doing is beyond reproach.

Red China wants to enslave the world.

Do you think accepting this premise as true means that we should make it easier for people to "enhance" themselves if they so choose such as to compete with the Chinese if for no other reason, or do you think it argues for preventing such?

Assuming that the Chinese are out for domination (I don't believe this but accept it here for the sake of argument), I should think that would be a very strong argument against any form of luddism, particularly with regards to human performance and competence. After all, it is a competitive world even if you do not believe the Chinese are out to "take over the world"

I mistook you for the "Edward Burke" poster. I can see that we are on the same side of this argument.

The West must optimize its power and its resolve. We are fighting now what Mr. Reagan once called "the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in its long climb from the swamp to the stars": communism.

I’ve been wondering why the Chinese researchers choose HIV long term non progression as the trait to edit into the “patient’s” genome.

Most people are not inconvienced by normal AIDS susceptibility, by the time this patient reaches sexual maturity HIV will likely be less of a threat, and how will practical gene implant success be tested? Will they try to infect the guy?

Better the choose some other traits, such as sickle cell anemia.


You didn't see the report that the same gene edit "just happens" to increase intelligence?

The concept of morality is not limited to what is defined in some ancient books that also considered slavery moral.

True enough: physics texts of the first half of the 20th century CE took atomic and nuclear weaponry to be exemplars of "scientific morality" (complete with compulsory enforcement mechanisms, after a fashion).

Biology texts of the same period took eugenics to be sound public policy, intrepid philanthropic advocates even got some enterprising philanthropic statists to go along with them here and there.

Holy Science is ONE RELIGION that henceforth will forever be wedded closely to the American State, no matter its constitution, fear not.

ECREE ["extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"]

exaggerated/false claims in science & social science research "papers" are the norm

Most of the claims in real science (STEM areas) are valid, but those in the social science, political science, and humanities areas along with a lot of "regulatory science" are questionable. These mushy areas where they are making low dimensionality cuts into an N-dimensional reality (say 2 variables out of a 20 variable problem space plus variables you don't even know) and face the problem seen in Conic Sections (slicing a 3-D cone with 2-D slices and getting shapes from a point to a parabola).

Koji Nakanishi at Columbia had a project several decades ago (funded by the Army I think) to make retinal analogs that, when introduced as eye drops, would enable infrared vision. So not such a new idea, just inorganic instead of organic.

The US still wins the Doctor Moreau prize for merging humans with animals:

See infrared? Or maybe get flashes of white randomly in their eye when infrared is near, meanwhile interfering with their other vision in a way that humans would find debilitating?

If only these issues had also occurred to the paper's authors in their first 10 seconds of considering what to research and addressed them experimentally and reported their results. Oh, wait.

Ok, you got me. I won’t skip the paper next time.

"Human extension"? What is this terminology?

I’m thinking hair weaves

Stretch Armstrong.

>It sometimes seems that Chinese researchers are naturally bolder

Yeah, well having 1.5 billion slaves at your disposal will do that.


Alex took the lure on this 'story' out of China

And its not even April 1st!

"bolder and more optimistic about technology, human extension and the future then anyone else in the world."


Would be interesting if these could be put into contact lenses or glasses--that way one could switch it on and off without having to inject into the eyes. In the day time, I suspect seeing infrared would not have much value add.

TANSTAAFL. What could go wrong? LOL. As a child, I dreamed about buying a pair of x-ray glasses that they advertised in the back of the comic books I read. I'm more skeptical now then than. (me and AT don't differentiate between than & then, just axs us.

It seemed like a good idea at the time - Douglas Adams

The Chinese seem hopelessly naive and the Western position on this much wiser. Giving humans infrared vision would, no doubt, have profound effects on our circadian rhythms. The consequences for our cognition, memory and mental health, are utterly unforeseeable and dire, as all of those aspects of our mental lives are tied intimately to sleep and sleep cycles. This is not on the order of an incandescent bulb or blue screen.

I want my eyeballs injected, via long needle, straight in there, to the retina, and cover my retina with sand.

Clearly France is the most extropian nation, as Jacques Daviel performed the first modern lens removal surgery back in 1748 which allowed people to see in the near ultraviolet.

There is even a story the British used people without lenses to spot German u-boats using ultraviolet signalling lamps in World War 2.

donna you meana 1747

Would infrared vision allow me to see thru clothes? Just askin....

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