*The People Next Door*

The author is T.C.A. Raghavan and the subtitle is The Curious History of India’s Relations with Pakistan.  Here is one excerpt:

The massive rigging of the March 1977 election led to a Bhutto majority the size of which stunned even his supporters and, by some accounts, even embarrassed him.  He and his party had been expected to win but the near-total decimation of the opposition made the election results lose credibility.  “Why did you do this to me?” he is widely believed to have rhetorically asked a group of senior civil servants as the results came in.  In any event, the loss of popularity and personal legitimacy was swift.

This book is must reading for these days, and it will be making my 2019 “best of the year” list.  Order from abroad here, or in the U.S. it comes out in July.


Who has hotter curry? India or Pakistan?


There seems to be an identical book with the same title published last year. Much cheaper in used paperback. Is anyone aware of any differences?

I noticed the same thign.

Read this one also - gives a deeper view of how Pakistan army spins the narrative and nativity of US and India to think there can be diplomatic solution.


You mean his machine lieutenants stuff the ballot boxes big time but he's somehow not in on the scam? He does squat over the next four months to negotiate a solution with the political opposition (at which point the military jails him); we're supposed to interpret that just how?

this is where you have to ask
what employees
where and at what time
and ask if he has weapons and where are they exactly?

The point is to maintain plausible deniability so you indicate what people are supposed to do without saying so explicitly. This leaves you vulnerable to your people over-delivering. Maybe as an intentional deniable strategy to get rid of you or as a collective action problem. The group dynamics of deeply corrupt power structures will be very complicated.

on the other hand
could not the nombre/phrase
"shoot mercatus employees"
correctly be construed as an near & emminent threat?

But somehow Brazilian leaders are the bad ones.

Another area of Brazilian overachievement.

Not true. Most Brazilian leaders are good.

Yes true. Most Brazilian leaders are bad.

"Why did you do this to me" means give me 60% by stuffing the ballot boxes, but not 98%?

That's in the ballpark of the 2014 Crimea referendum, where the Russians also didn't understand -- you should limit your ballot stuffing to a somewhat believable level. More is not always better if you're cheating.

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