Bhutan’s prime minister spends his weekends as a surgeon

Take that Adam Smith!:

Dr Lotay Tshering was one of Bhutan’s most highly regarded doctors before he entered politics last year, and while his prime ministerial duties occupy him during the week, on weekends he returns to the hospital as a way to let off steam.

“Some people play golf, some do archery, and I like to operate,” Tshering told AFP as he tended to patients one Saturday morning at Jigme Dorji Wangchuck national referral hospital, describing his moonlighting medical work as a “de-stresser”.

“I will continue doing this until I die and I miss not being able to be here every day,” he added. “Whenever I drive to work on weekdays, I wish I could turn left towards the hospital.”

Far from finding the two roles hard to juggle, Tshering said he had found that there was unexpected crossover between prime minister and surgeon. “At the hospital I scan and treat patients. In the government, I scan the health of policies and try to make them better,” he said. He has also put healthcare reform at the heart of his political agenda.

Here is the full story, via Anecdotal.


Does the economics profession have anything interesting to say about the effectiveness of physicians as leaders outside of medicine?

That guy is no cuck.

Evidence based government/medicine are good.

Just another politician eviscerating the common man for sport.

wait a minute
eviscerating the common man for sport&profit
is our job

Who are the other politicians doing archery to unwind?

harvard postmodernists just stabbed one of their law faculty deans
for representing a criminal defendant
that is +1 postmodern

He is a urologist; he received his training in urology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. His decision to continue medical practice on weekends my be motivated by economics. No, not for the additional income from practicing medicine, but a reduction in the payment he must make to the civil service commission for leaving the practice of medicine (i.e., he was trained at government expense and must repay the government if he exits medicine). Maybe another reader familiar with Dr. Tshering can confirm this. He is married to a physician.

That is really weird, because based on what I am seeing in the U.S. I thought the head of state was supposed to fleece the taxpayer for personal financial gain. They can't do that there?

The Clintons aren't universal, thank God

Mar-a-Lago says privyet!

The notion that tax dollars are being hoovered from the Treasury to the Trump family's pockets is pretty fanciful.

"He is a hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic, and must remain so if he does not want to lose his means of livelihood; while in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic. This fixation of social activity, this consolidation of what we ourselves produce into an objective power above us, growing out of our control, thwarting our expectations, bringing to naught our calculations, is one of the chief factors in historical development up till now." -- Marx

“I can hunt and hunt, and fish and fish, without thereby becoming a real fisher or hunter. But let me rear just one cow, and I’m condemned as practicing beastiality.”

“Some people play golf and dodge their taxes. I like to operate,”
Clearly, throwing some shade on Dear Leader. Trump needs to respond with a diss tweet soon.

Trump is a real estate tycoon and works part-time in the White House.

President Donald J. Trump is outstanding at multi-tasking: Making America Great Again - peace and prosperity - while simultaneously breaking dysfunctional brains world-wide.


Are we still doing "tears?" Seems like there must be a higher road.

Why I Do Not Hate Donald Trump

Poor guy should have stayed on reality TV and below the radar.

#1 reality show isn't staying under the radar, even if he's doing it as a part time lark.

As for Baker " I watched the president fire my boss and friend, Jim Comey. I’ve read and heard the many false statements that the president and his supporters have made about him"

Isn't what's going on today exactly opposite of that? This was written yesterday. AFTER the Mueller report and all the other items have come out. "The Mueller report describes troubling conduct by the president concerning the Justice Department." No, no, no. The report shows a lot of very troubling actions by the FBI, CIA and DOJ to take down the President. Only a freaking lawyer could write something so completely 180 degrees from what we've seen in the past month.

To be honest, these sound like very self-protective, rather than objective, beliefs.

Some crappy head lawyer of a corrupt organization trying to cover for his corrupt buddies.

^^ "these sound like very self-protective" Agreed.

I'm sorry. All the following is way above your modest IQ.

To be honest and it's objective fact: Trump is POTUS and Hillary ain't.

I know. I know. It's only "objective" and "true" when "it" validates the purposely-counterproductive, progressive agenda.

In Venezuela now, Maduro arrests political opponents. In America 2016, Obama et al did not act on Russia collusion (all outside the BS on Trump) based his eight-year record of ineffectuality and on the polls which said 95% Hillary was going to get her 'turn.'

Barr and Trump will get to the objective facts: Hillary lost a rigged election in which Barack Hussein Obama deployed the DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, foreign intel agents to spy on and frame the Trump campaign, and they (Obama, Hillary, Comey, et al) needed to pull out the Steel (they knew fake) dossier - paid for by Hillary from money she got selling Russia enough uranium to blow up Creation - for a bogus FISA warrant to drum up the Russia collusion hoax to camouflage their gross stupidity (the smartest woman - says the typical woman is an idiot - on the planet loses a rigged election to Orange Man Bad!), and high crimes and misdemeanors.

What’s both satisfying and yet also alarming is just how bad the Steele dossier is. I mean, he didn’t even go to Russia, did he? If you go to all the trouble to hire an ex-spy, shouldn’t your final report be better?

(What’s alarming is how many looked at the dossier and found it credible.)

Well! Well! Inspector General Horowitz has concluded that the final three FIA warrant extension were illegally obtained.

"Hillary lost a rigged election in which Barack Hussein Obama deployed the DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, foreign intel agents to spy on and frame the Trump campaign"

Poe's Law as it applies to say 30% of the population?

Sad days.

File under 'How bad of a candidate was Hillary?'

Are you the same Anonymous that keeps typing that conservatives ought to vote for Bernie! to save America from Orange Man Bad! high GDP growth, escalating wages, low unemployment, rising 401k/IRA balances, etc.?

I've never promoted Sanders, and given polls, I'd say we've dodged that bullet.

I eat ass. Donald J. Trump's, and also yours if you give me a red hat and white hood.

Fish don't know they're wet.

That's all you have. It's the depth of stupidity which we consistently experience from liberals.

Liberals don't know they're stupid.

When Yankee politicos like Anthony Weiner self-destruct, the media says that they've destroyed their "career". Ergo playing the game of politics is a thought of as a life commitment on the fruited plain. It's refreshing to hear that a government figure views his state duties as secondary to his true vocation. If only it were so with the frauds in DC, who, when eventually rejected by the voters, become lobbyists among their old Congressional buddies or hold sinecures in government agencies.

BBBut the emoluments clause...

How many surgeons are in Bhutan? Probably not that many, so the few are celebrities (seriously, there is a trend in small nations for many of the top politicians having a background of being one of the few professionals of a certain area in the country)

This surgery sideline would provide great opportunities for informal meetings with other government officials. "As I was saying to the Chief Justice while shaving his balls...."

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