Public Choice Outreach!

Get your applications in asap for the public choice outreach conference, a crash course in public choice for students from all fields. A great chance to hear from Tyler, Robin Hanson, Shruti Rajagopolan and many others.


One trusts that it is not the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Virginia paying this - 'Outreach has no conference fee - it is free to attend. Room and meals are included for all participants.'

Unless one is a devoted follower of public choice economics, in which case the default assumption is that of course state employees are using public funds in a fashion designed to foster their own ideology, deciding who gets free room and board while attending a free 3 day event.

Friends don't let Robin Hanson near Twitter.

Can people who have been come back again?

Not ruled out. Depends on quality and quantity of applicants. Get your app in!

Just applied yesterday!

Little nervous to hear back, any idea when that should be?

Most likely starting next week.

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