*The Great Successor*

The author is Ana Fifield, and the subtitle is The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un.  I’ve never read a book that has so much actual information about Kim, most of all about his early time in Switzerland.  Or how about this?:

Kim Jong Un’s efforts to clamp down on illegal drugs did not work.

At the time he left North Korea, Mr. Kang estimated that about 80 percent of the adults in Hoeryong were using ice [meth], consuming almost two pounds of the highly potent drug every single day…

For many North Koreans, taking meth became an essential part of daily life, a way ot ease the grinding boredom and deprivations of their existence.  For that reason, drugs can never be eradicated, he said.

Men are not allowed to have long hair, the concentration camps are reputed to be worse than those of the Nazis, and there is a detailed account of the rise of the “new rich” class in Pyongyang.  Plastic surgery has arrived as well.

Definitely recommended, the book also serves up the inside story on the Dennis Rodman visit to North Korea.  By the way, Kim hates the showiness of the Harlem Globetrotters.


If "two pounds of the highly potent drug every single day" is not killing 'em, it's mostly filler.

Hopefully rice four.

According to the NIH, 200 mg is the fatal dose for methamphetamine, so maybe we should downgrade this report.

Pretty sure that’s two pounds over all of Hoeryong, not each individual...

Oh. Well. That's merely imprecise then. It would be better to say how many people are daily (or weekly) users.

Check the DPR Human Services Department website for the latest data

Apply in person.

"hopefully rice flour"

Haha no rice flour comrade! Those melamine warehouses in Heilongjiang won't empty themselves! And 200mg...fatal dose for those without tolerance! No JuChe? No two pounds!

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searche[s and s]eizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I read the BBC book by two British reporters about N. Korea, and saw the Youtube video and photos from a Swiss tourist who was unsupervised in a train trip across the country, as well as surveyed the country with Google Earth, and I concluded, aside from perhaps the concentration camps, which I have no knowledge of, North Korea is not that much different than Cuba. When I visited Cuba illegally over 20 years ago, I thought I would see people dying in the streets, but, aside from universal poverty, it wasn't that bad. I bet in the N. Korean countryside people have small plots of land like in the USSR that they grow a good percentage of their food from. Obviously the rentier class in the capital get the lions share of spoils, true however of the USA as well. The only thing of interest to me about North Korea is their ability, like Pakistan, to build the Bomb. When and if it becomes intercontinental, or even before, the US should assassinate Kim. Not even controversial, just ask John Bolton privately.

Bonus trivia: based on nominal GDP, the only metric that matters (PPP? Pfft!), North Korea's economy is about one-tenth the size of the greater Washington, DC area. It's possibly smaller than just Fairfax county, VA. Upper Volta with missiles...

One notable difference is that Cuba doesn't freeze over in winter, and you can grow tomatoes year round.

If the US had the ability to assassinate Kim, don't you think they would have done so already?

Gotta get those nukes under control of someone who isn't interested in living a long time in luxury, otherwise what's the point?

If the CIA can't figure out how to assassinate Kim any better than Castro, then it should pay to have the job done by Kim's own or Putin's intelligence goons, who seem to know how to do it.

They probably tried that like seven times by now and the guys always just kept the money.

"...North Korea is not that much different than Cuba. "

That's ridiculous Ray.

Around 5% of North Koreans starved to death in the late 1990's.


"The exact number of deaths during the acute phase of the crisis, from 1994 to 1998, will probably never be fully determined, since the government has refused to release any of this information to the outside world. Independent analysis estimates that between 800,000 and 1,500,000 people died due to starvation, disease, or sickness caused by lack of food."

@RatInPutinsMaze - thanks, but your numbers are too high I think. From Wikipedia, see below, the numbers seem smaller. And I'm sure somebody in Miami would claim in Cuba many people have starved to death...

(Wikipedia): out of a total population of approximately 22 million, somewhere between 240,000 and 3,500,000 North Koreans died from starvation or hunger-related illnesses, with the deaths peaking in 1997.[7][8] A 2011 U.S. Census Bureau report estimated the number of excess deaths from 1993 to 2000 to be between 500,000 and 600,000.[9]" note at the lower bound 240k/22M = 1.1% over 4 years, or 0.27% extra deaths a year.

Bonus trivia: I bought, in an old bookstore, the tome by Beatrice and Sydney Webb, "Soviet Communism: A New Civilization?" (1935). In a subsequent edition they dropped the question mark from the title.

So only as low as 1.1% of the population starved to death in a 4 year period?

I'll stick with my stand that North Korea was significantly worse than Cuba.

Cuba: Health care. DPR: starvation, death, concentration camps.

Pretty much the same.

Your ideas about Cuba seem highly speculative. Have you been there recently?
This guy has:

(I have mentioned it before, whenever the topic of how awful Cuba must surely be, according to people how know about it from wikipedia or American newspapers, comes up.)

True, Cubans don't have the most excellent 2nd Amendment by which they could overthrow tyranny and create a People's Paradise such as North Americans enjoy every day, for example their rights to rob convenience stores and shoplift at Walmart. Nevertheless, Cubans seem to have some benefits that many North Americans lack.
"Prior Approval" will no doubt have some links and insights to contribute.

Personally I exercise my option to live in none of the above mentioned countries (PRK, Cuba, USA) so my comments are merely academic.

Per those of my relatives that remained on the island until the start of this decade, it's pretty craptastic unless you're A) connected to the upper echelons or B) have a solid association with the tourist trade.

Beyond that, the low "street-crime" rate and the generally still oppressive political atmosphere go hand in hand. Deviancy is generally frowned upon by the authorities, and mugging people is as deviant as anything. Squish!

Definitely the lack of crime in the DPR puts it head and shoulders above Cuba.

And shaking from her hair an infinite number

When later is now [and here], and [could give] fondness that turns matter contrary to his fears.

Sounds like the meth epidemic here among the working class. At least they have the excuse of communism. What's our excuse? We're supposed to be the greatest, richest country ever, yet our working class has a meth and opioid epidemic as " a way ot ease the grinding boredom and deprivations of their existence".

I blame Tyler

I blame Hillary

Of course you do, hun.

Work: the curse of the drinking class.

The working class became the nonworking class so they deserve what's coming to them.

Functional addiction has long been an aspect of US life. The per worker consumption of alcohol during late 1800's railroad construction was insane - you'd wonder how anyone was awake enough to lay straight track.

I know of small shops and factories that hire functional addicts. If they get hurt on the job, the employer can evade responsibility even here in Cuomo's People's Republic. Just tell them to take a blood test for their workers' comp claim. They just mumble complaints and show up for work all bandaged. Give them reduced pay for walking wounded work - the trick is to keep them showing up. The challenge is to always have them circling the drain.

"Kim hates the showiness of the Harlem Globetrotters."

I love that Kim finds the staged fakiness and pomp of the Globetrotters to be excessive. It's like Ru Paul telling you you're being too gaudy.

Love Ru Paul's Drag Race by the way

Occasionally one finds internet gems where one least expects it.

At least he wrote our dotard a very nice letter.

I guess the academics are shocked.

Good moniker, Mac.

Life imitating art. Kim seems rootin-tootin', walking, talking James Bond movie super villain.

Executing dudes with recoilless rifles - always a "nice touch."

Someday maybe Seven Seas or Disney will do the raft tour of Cuba and North Korea. Tomato and rice flour buffet. Meth happy hour. Everyone in the Midwest will go, and defect when they get to port. Is it a dream? Or just a flashback?

DUDE!!!! What a GREAT IDEA!!! The Escape from Tyranny Theme Park!!!!

Think of all the awesome rides!
- Iranian Nuclear Physicist!
- DPR concentration camp!
- al shabaab Terrorist!
- Putin's Pal!
- Escape from Venezuela!


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