Is the future of Venice Chinese?

Pino Musolino, president of the Port Authority of Venice, told: “Venice port has long worked to seize the opportunities that China’s New Silk Roads strategy offers, with the aim of having positive spillovers on local business and job levels.”

On February 11, Venice signed a memo of understanding with Piraeus to improve overall capacities of the two seaports as important hubs in the Belt and Road scheme. The two port facilities had already set up a weekly ferry service last October. Venice port also has a new rail link to Duisburg, in western Germany, which is the European hub for the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt.

“In regard with the dualism between Venice and Trieste, the two ports actually service different markets,” Musolino emphasised.

“Our facility is the main gateway to industrial clusters in northern Italy, importing raw materials and exporting high-added-value products. For its part, Trieste is focused on Central and Eastern Europe.”

Musolino believes North Adriatic ports should combine their efforts to better manage increased Mediterranean trade resulting from the Belt and Road plan.

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Are these ports anywhere near capacity that they need investment and "upgrades", or is investment and change in ownership and operation just the price of admission to be a part of the Chinese system?

>Strong connectivity with the rest of Europe and a robust supply chain could help Trieste port become the western end of the Maritime Silk Road. The Croatian port of Rijeka is another potential entry point for Chinese shipped goods.

Let's stop calling them ports and start calling them "entry points for Chinese shipped goods." The Belt and Road does not sound like a trade network, rather a delivery system. I would not be as daft to label my relationship with Amazon as "trade."

>Belt & Road News is prone to be the dedicated News, Views & Analyst on Belt & Road Initiative and information organisation, to be recognised globally for its authority, integrity, and accuracy.

Sure it is.

>Are these ports anywhere near capacity that they need investment and "upgrades", or is investment and change in ownership and operation just the price of admission to be a part of the Chinese system?

The investments are needed, as today many ships coming from east and south asia (not only china) through the mediterranean actually circumnavigate europe and go to dutch ports, wasting ~2 weeks. The problems are both in the capability to take very large container ships and the backport capacity (mostly an issue of rail connectivity I think).

What's insane is that the United States is not reaching across the globe to build a trade and transportation network too. It does not have to be an act of hostility or defensiveness toward the Chinese - it can be cooperative, to the extent they'll let us. Why should the Chinese get all the benefit from the enrichment of Africa, centra Asia, and central and eastern Europe? Have we lost our entrepreneurial get-up-and-go?

It would have to be hostile. The US has already labelled the Chinese efforts as hostile and aggressive, as they do everything in the world that is not US-led, so their response would be hostile and defensive.

Chinese efforts in many sectors are often in fact "hostile and aggressive". Don't let Xi's soft handshake fool you.

Most Americans have never left the country. They are increasingly isolationist and can't identify with more global-minded peers labeling them as out of touch elites. After all they have bills to pay and debt up to their eyeballs, who has money to travel?

Sadly, there is a lot of truth in this.

The short answer is that the BRI involves a bunch of projects that have a negative financial return on investment, and the US isn't going to waste taxpayer money in that way.

And why should the US waste its money on the infrastructure of other countries when China is more than happy to take the wealth of its citizens and use their money to build infrastructure in other countries? That infrastructure will function just the same whether it is financed by China or by somebody else. I suspect that Chinese leadership will be disappointed by the results they see, and by the default rates, most of which will not result in greater deference to China in international politics.

'the US isn't going to waste taxpayer money in that way'

Of course not - we have weapons to buy, because be able to blow things up anywhere at any time is apparently the sort of negative financial return on investment that the American taxpayer can stand behind.

What's more insane is that US cannot even manage its ports.

Effective March 2, the purchase gives Dubai Ports World control over facilities in six U.S. ports: New York, Miami, Newark-Port Elizabeth, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Baltimore.

Only recently China was forced to sell the second largest US port at Long Beach CA, to the Australian.

I think President Reagan's words were indeed prophetic, "We're at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars, and it's been said if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening."

I really don't understand with happened to America. Walt Disney was one of the first artist to go ahead and warn the American people of the rist communist infiltration posed to our great country. Yet, nowadays, a communist agitator has been hiree by the company he founded to "star" a children's movie.

in a couple years when italy can no longer pay the chinese for the venice seaport the chineses will repossess the venice seaport like they did with the african seaport a couple years ago

"chineses will repossess the venice seaport "

Is the PLA Navy sailing to the Mediterranean to do so?

Investing IN China is stupid, luring easily confiscated investment FROM China is smart.

Would America allow that? Italy is a NATO country. If the Chinese Shylock tries ro repossess the seaport, America would have to attack.

marxists sociologists would probly just lock themselves to the fire exits in public buildings blocking egress

The "Chinese Shylock"... I like that.

Yesterday I read an article in The Atlantic which describes One Belt One Road (OBOR) as a poorly executed marketing campaign masquerading as investment in infrastructure but without the slightest bit of irony concludes with this paragraph:

"Yet the OBOR brand’s relentless global expansion also proves that this supposedly “predatory” scheme is actually highly attractive to recipient countries. In the past year, the OBOR campaign has gone global. Italy, Portugal, and more than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries have joined. Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has come out as an “enthusiastic” supporter. Some of these countries buy the OBOR hype. Others recognize that it is mostly branding. But all have self-interested reasons to appease Emperor Xi—they want investments, trading privileges, or political leverage against Washington or Brussels."

The view from Prague:

Boris Johnson is a Manchurian candidate? Who knew?

Senior Management of AIIB
Country Name Position in AIIB
United Kingdom United Kingdom Danny Alexander Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Sour grapes from US? A leader who don't look behind his back to see who are following him. UK, Germany and France ignored "advice" from US about AIIB. Alexander is formerly no. 2 at the UK Treasury as Chief Secretary.

Why are you dodging the Epstein story??!! Trying to protect the Moloch Cult at Harvard?!

Perhaps Venice could send an envoy overland to meet the head of state in China and record all of his experiences in a diary.

Wouldn't people spend centuries discussing if he really arrived there?

They would discuss it over spaghetti.

Would the envoy bring the spaghetti?

Great comment. Venice has always been an Eastern facing city. Why shouldn't it be Europe's "Chinese" port?


Venice trading with the East is hardly headline news. It's been doing that for many centuries.

I hope Venice doesn’t take out a big loan with China for this project.

They will. Fredos are Fredos.

The Italian "n" word... don't let resident CNN Italian smear expert Fredo C. see it.

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