My podcast with Russ Roberts, EconTalker

Russ was the interviewer, he and I both think it is the best discussion we have had of eleven (!) interactions.  Here is the link.  Recommended.


I am onboard with your take on parties Tyler. Russ is obviously wrong.

Ok Tyler, next time you are in Chile, I invite you to dinner, we talk about learning, and afterwards we come to my studio to listen to some late Trane. Deal?

Then what, you give him a back rub?


Piensa el ladrón que todos son de su condición.

Agree as well.. and not just because I'm bad at parties.

(Tyler's negative view of Parties)

Russ Roberts/Econtalk did an interview a few years ago with Nicholaus Taleb, where Taleb recommends going to parties because it increases your chances of a "White Swan" of meeting someone who will help your projects. But that assumes your "projects" are helped by social interaction. Tyler--an admitted semi-autistic ("autistic savant" actually), and tee-totaler, is a far cry from "the life of the party!" But hey, he's an extreme outlier. Roberts and Taleb are just more social.

As an American Jew who understands the importance of America being strong, I am utterly appalled by the free pass Disney has been given to support a hostile power. I think it is a time for action. President Trump should nationalize Disney.

Yeah, it is awful. Twitter has officially decided to refused to support Red Chinese propaganda, but Disney keeps supporting Red China totalitarism. I think we all can agree it is nauseating.

I think Tyler has a lot to answer for with his consistent anti-Trumpism

Posting here my comment on the Econtalk site:
I’m a daily reader of Tyler Cowen’s blog and I am pretty familiar with his views (have not yet read the book but have listened to a number of interviews he’s done on it).

I agree for the most part with the ideas that the present is better than the past, but I would love to hear his opinion on the obsession over the last 20 years with security and what this implies about the current state of the world.

For example, when I was a kid in the 80’s, I’d go to a baseball game and I just walked up, gave them my ticket, and I was in. Now, I have to wait for 10-15 minutes in a security line, and have all my items searched. I personally find it an invasion of privacy, but even if you don’t it’s a hassle and a nuisance. It’s definitely not an improvement on the game experience (you can add to that stricter ushers and a growing distance between fans and players. When I was a kid you could walk up to the gate and ask for autographs- much more difficult if not impossible now).

So today, people feel safer. But why do they feel that need? Something must have been better back then- either people were less scared (which strikes me as a good thing) or the world was simply safer and people didn’t need to worry as much about security. I don’t actually believe the world was any safer 30 years ago, so why all of a sudden the fear and risk aversion? The current push for netting from foul pole to foul pole at baseball games is a similar example.

TC brings up the example of pre-check when traveling, but you have to pay for that! This used to be free. I suppose if you travel often, the $100 is worth it but still all of these comforts come with a price. You also have to have a smart phone with the accompanying $50/month charges to even get into most sporting events now. Again, an added cost that has become nearly mandatory.

So, although technology (Uber, FB, Amazon, etc.) has brought us many conveniences, I’m struck on a nearly daily basis by the inconvenience and hassle that added security has taken away from daily activities. Does he see an improvement in this regard looking forward?

Much of the inconvenience of modern life is simply a by product of the elites obsession with 'Diversity', not diversity of thought but diversity of race and culture. I live in Australia, back in the 70's and 80's I could go anywhere without security personnel at every entrance and street corner, we didn't have bollards on the streets, I could show up at the airport and go straight to my plane in a few minutes. The elites didn't like this world, not enough diversity of restaurants for them, so they instituted mass migration from third world countries, they didn't care about what was lost for the average person, what they cared about was cheap labour, and coloured people that they could look at on the way to the airport in their limos. That world of the 70'sis almost gone and I don't think that world of trust and ease is going to come back for a long long time, if ever.

But most of that increase in security is due to 2 things.
1. A gross over reaction to event like mass shooting and terrorism.
2. A desire to buy more safety as we get richer.

In the USA if you look at El Paso TX, Miami FL and NY city, it looks like immigration, particularly black immigration, lowers the rate of violent crime.
Hispanics seem to commit violent crime as about the same rate as white USAers, as do black immigrants, but black immigrant behavior seems to effect the attitudes and behavior of native blacks, reducing their high rates of violent crime.

Eleven interactions? There are married couples who haven't had 11 interactions

Between Russ and Tyler, you can tell there's a type of "love" there.

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