What should I ask Shaka Senghor?

I will be having a Conversation with Shaka, no associated public event.  So what should I ask him?  Here is the main part of his Wikipedia page:

Shaka Senghor is director’s fellow of the MIT Media Lab, college lecturer, author, and was convicted of murder in American courts. As of October 2015, he also teaches a class as part of the Atonement Project, a partnership between him, the University of Michigan, and the MIT Media Lab. His memoir, Writing my Wrongs, was published in March 2016. Senghor was named to Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list of visionaries and influential leaders in 2016.

And here is Shaka’s home page.  I thank you all in advance for your suggestions.


How does one best spend time in solitary confinement?

What would you say to an ambitious young boy who would like to duplicate your success?

How's Joi doing?

Why does your Wikipedia page use the odd phrasing that you "were convinced" to join the drug trade, instead of merely stating that you joined the drug trade? Did you write this?

It wasn't his fault. He ran away because he was abused and became a drug dealer because he was convinced.

What was the name of the murder victim? I can't seem to find it.

It's funny you should mention that -- I had the exact same question. I googled for about 20 minutes before I FINALLY found an article that said he murdered a guy named "David."

Perhaps Tyler could ask what the dead guy's last name is?

Spent 19 years in prison. He should be running in the Dem primaries. More qualified than the rest.

Ha! Because those Demoncrats are all criminals! Oh man Dick, you always come up with the best put downs for these idiot liberals (redundant). Keep up the good work!


"It can be proven by facts and figures that there is no native-American criminal class, except Congress." Twain

Reading Comprehension.

Not so. He is far more qualified: he cannot possibly be as bat-shit crazy and incompetent as the Dem field (Russian asset excepted).

Make Them Cry Again In 2020!

Is it worse to do injustice or to have injustice done to you?

Why don’t we ask the dead person? Oh wait, we can’t. His life was taken from him.

What was the victim's name?

Is Shaka a studier or the studied at the lab?

This is a troll. Rayward rambles but isn’t a racist. Also this is too brief.

..."also this is too brief"

In the US, what percentage of convicted murderes does he think are guilty?

What book or film (other than your own) best captures life in a US prison, particularly in solitary confinement.

How often does he think about the man he killed?

Give the man a break ya'll, his whole purpose is atonement.

I am a snarky arse too but it's to call out TC's Centrist liberal and neocon viewpoint promotion when he champions himself as a contrarian.

But that is one hell of surprising intro!

And the silence on Epstein connection to the Media Lab is deafening. Can't sweep that away.

What's it like to kill a man in Reno just to watch him die? I mean, it's awesome, right?

Not to get all Michelle Obama on you, but for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of the MR Commentariat.

No one is supporting you, Tyler.

Stop being so proud that you get to talk to a drug-dealing murderer, Tyler. It's pathetic, even by your standards.

How can we improve the accuracy of our identification of who will not offend again and can be released early vs who will offend again and should serve their full term?

In what ways can more be done in terms of restorative justice? It sounds like his experience with the godmother of his victim was opportunistic and driven by her own desire to forgive. Does he think that a more structured approach would be worthwhile?

Who would win in a fight: Shaka Zulu or Crazy Horse?

Ask him if he thinks drug legalization would increase or decrease violent crime. Then, ask him what an appropriate punishment would be for a 19 year old man who murdered his daughter.

I think we need to be more specific: marijuana and cocaine. Opiates are legal and look at the mess out there :/

I'd want to know how a convicted murderer got his life back on track and got a top position in academia? There are many people with relatively minor and victim-less criminal records who can't find a job. This gets in to the "ban the box" debate.

Since I was on a brief Eldridge Cleaver kick the other week:

"Some very interesting laws are being passed. They don't name me; they don't say, take the guns away from the n*****s. They say that people will no longer be allowed to have (guns). They don't pass these rules and these regulations specifically for black people, they have to pass them in a way that will take in everybody."

Does the existence of the NRA and rural gun owners deflect from the enthusiasm for guns among other constituencies?

Ask him if he is related to Shaka Zulu so he can shaka zulu yo azz.

*What does he think about #CancelCulture in which non convicts are being socially cancelled with impact careers etc. *In a culture of social condemnation, it appears that it does not matter even if a suspect was later found not guilty. How does this affect the operation of the rule of law?
*Can atonement be sufficient or complete? Does it matter?

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