Inequality protest sentences to ponder

In countries that did experience mass protests (Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia) on the other hand, inequality was either constant or continued to decline in the last few years for which data is available.

Here is the full World Bank blog post by Francisco Ferreira and Marta Schoch.  That is via Gonzalo Schwarz of the Archbridge Institute, Gonzalo just wrote this excellent piece on economic mobility.


They simply were taking the necessary steps to a much better world, not remaining complacent.

And not in the good way

Nadella is destroying our colonial cricket culture. When will we rise against the baldy?

" In that sense, the 2019 protests in Chile and Colombia are related to inequality after all: inequality of opportunity preserved by an oligarchic social contract."

The lack of opportunity in today's world is creating a global firestorm of populism. This is the global Millennials worried of their unstable career trajectories and global Boomers insecure of their retirement/pensions all voting their feelings. The middle class is a fragile place to be.

+1. This is the conclusion of the whole article but for some reason the other quote gets highlighted instead.

That some reason is Dr. Cowen ensuring he remains solidly in the middle class.

Or, citizens rebel against elites'/oligarchs'/technocrats' corruption and incompetence.

Maybe, they simply want 10% more democracy.

"Yes, all this time we've secretly been neoliberals pursuing only inequality *of opportunity*! We may be abandoning the ideals we claimed to pursue in favor of an incompatible goal espoused by the wealthy, but we're still winning this issue!"

so all of those people are protesting for the fun of getting a bean bag to the eye? perhaps you should quit your day job and pursue something with more rigorous standards of evidence, inference quality, and measurement. i hear mcdonald’s is hiring.

Smartphones and social media made envious people realise what they were missing and they got angry. Basic psychology.

Chile has a much longer history of protesting in an attempt to have better lives than the age of smartphones and social media. And wanting clean water and electricity is not an example of envy when looking at the history of such protesting.

If envy matters, soap operas from Latin America have been doing a hell of a job for a long time =)

That's the problem with a middle class. They are rich enough to access the internet to inform themselves of the true state of the world. If the rich could turn them all into poors, then they would be completely clueless and helpless.

Are there measures of the perception of inequality?

The linked piece also quotes Alexis de Tocqueville: "The hatred that men bear to privilege increases in proportion as privileges become fewer and less considerable, so that democratic passions would seem to burn most fiercely just when they have least fuel. […] When all conditions are unequal, no inequality is so great as to offend the eye, whereas the slightest dissimilarity is odious in the midst of general uniformity. […] Hence it is natural that the love of equality should constantly increase together with equality itself, and that it should grow by what it feeds on.” Or, as the Wikipedia entry on the Tocqueville Effect pithily summarizes: “as social conditions and opportunities improve, social frustration grows more quickly.”

Common white men have been checking the privileges of landowning white men for centuries.

-- From the Annals of Tocqueville, Newly Revised Woke Edition

I've never read such Marxist drivel in my life. Socialism is for the envious.

This is the same logic that the Maduro regime deploys in Venezuela.

I'm not familiar with the details, but from the outside Venezuela looked like it was doing fine; there was a healthy middle class, a solid economy generating jobs. But obviously there was a large enough group of people who weren't participating and benefiting from the arrangement, and Chavez took advantage of the situation and took power.

Without knowing any details I would guess that there were class divisions, informal or formal that acted as barriers for a large proportion of the citizenry, preventing them from benefiting fully from the economic situation. Likely there was corruption that corroded the confidence of people in the authorities, and created a strong impression that those people are there because of corruption or graft.

Likely the classes have names for each other.

Likely the 'justice system' wasn't a place to seek justice in a dispute, but a mechanism of state oppression.

This explains everything

If you have a smartphone and social media, your zone of envy is now the whole world, not just your neighbors or fellow countrypeople.

Latins think different (about inequality). Tampa, a very ethnic city, has a large Latin (Spain, Italy, etc.) population. Tampa also has an annual festival a few weeks before the beginning of Lent called Gasparilla. The festival celebrates the fictional pirate Jose Gaspar, who according to legend captured the city long ago. Historically, the city's leading Gringo citizens would dress up as pirates, sail across Hillsborough Bay from the very exclusive Tampa Yacht Club to downtown in a pirate ship, and capture the city. This was followed by a parade up Bayshore Blvd. with said leading Gringo citizens riding in floats and throwing beads to the lesser citizens. All in fun. In time, the Latin community felt slighted, and they formed a "Crew" that would participate in the festivities. The Latin Crew, similar to the Gringo Crew, is made up of leading Latin citizens, but unlike the Gringo Crew who dress up as pirates, the Latin Crew dresses up as royalty. They even have an annual ball to celebrate the coronation of the year's royalty, who are given titles reflecting their status as royalty. Think about it: wealthy Gringos dressing up as pirates and capturing the city, while wealthy Latins dress up as royalty and, well, I'm not sure what, the Gringos stealing from the rich (that's what pirates do) and the Latins not stealing from the rich (that's what royalty does not do). The leading Latin citizens, unlike the leading Gringo citizens, won't even pretend to steal from the rich. One might observe that the leading Gringo citizens are signaling their sympathies for the not rich, while the leading Latin citizens are signaling their adulation for the rich. All in fun.

It's all very confusing. Perhaps this kind of confusion is how you have a revolution (Cuba, Venezuela ) and end up even worse off.

But hey, literacy programs! :-D

Yes, growth is more important than inequality. You can look at Europe too—we got populist mass protests in France, one of the most equal countries in the world. Whereas there were no populist protests in Spain, a country which has significantly higher inequality and unemployment than France, because it also has 3% growth.

Spain was growing fast a few years ago but for the past two years has grown at 2.2%, still higher than France. Spain does not have significantly higher inequality than France: The Gini index for Spain is 36 and for France is 33.

Spain's unemployment rate is higher than France's unemployment rate but the difference was much higher just five years ago than today as Spain has dropped from 24% to 14% and France has stayed flat at 9% to 10%.

I suspect that equality isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

44% of Americans work in low wage jobs, with a median salary of $18,000 a year. That is a huge segment of the population to be just barely scraping by. How long do you suppose they'll remain docile? To make matters worse, all they hear in the media is about how well the economy is doing, the record-breaking stock market, and golden parachutes for CEOs and executives.

Constant inequality is very bad if the start positions are extremely disparate.

If household MEDIAN income in the US is 66k a year, than you’re 44 percent of Americans making 18k a year figure is TOTAL BS.....

This term “household” gets thrown around a lot I don’t know how it is defined.

That doesn't even pass the sniff test.

I'm not some sort of data dragon, which sits on his enormous pile of data and hoards it. You can go look at the quintiles of annual income to see this.

Median individual income in the USA is 34,000. That is the 50 percent mark.

The Brookings study that came up with 44 percent of the US population is making 18,000 or less is therefore total BS. Or they have merely played a game with the way they categorize jobs and income to achieve that stat.

But from a median income perspective, it’s total BS that at the 50 percent mark the income is 34,000 but at the 44 percent mark it is 18,000. It’s so laughably stupid....

You have to agree that based on median income stats that makes no sense right??

University of Minnesota IPUMS-CPS data:

This chart shows the breakpoints, after which move you to the next percentile. The breakpoint for the bottom 10% of individual income is $8507.00, the breakpoint for the bottom 25% is $22,000, and the breakpoint for the 50th percentile is $40,100.

Let's say that we only took the bottom 44% of the population, there are greater numbers of households( and therefore individuals) in the lowest two quintiles than there are in the middle and upper two quintiles, as shown here:

This graph is from 2013 however, can't find new data. I think it is plausible that by charitably selecting only 44% of bottom earners you could arrive at a median salary of $18,000

It's just playing numbers with stats. This is just a statement that's technically true, but highly misleading.

The root post is saying the median of the bottom 44% is 18K per year. That's not the 44th percentile but the median value for everyone in the 0-44 range.

Just look at the chart at the bottom: The 20th percentile makes $18K per year. IE the median of the bottom 44% is the 20 percentile.

+1...Yes, it’s a stupid use of stats because it makes it sounds like half of the American workforce is basically living in poverty....

When at the 20th percentile alone the income is above 22k.

So according to the quintile data, 80 percent of the US workforce are making 22k or more a year.

20 percent are making 22k or less...

Sounds a hell of a lot better than 44 percent of the US workforce is making 18k a year......

And this is according to 2013 data-7 years old!

Let's say that the median household income for the bottom 40% of Americans was $40,000. Is that a good outcome? That is a laughably small amount for a huge number of people, especially if you're trying to raise children or buy property, which the U.S. needs if it is going to continue to accumulate wealth.

Nobody really cares about inequality. They care about how they are doing.

Lots of protests in Latin America are a sympton of the stagnation of the region: since 2013, Chile has grown at 1% per year, compared to 4% in the couple decades up to 2013.

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