Transcript of my chat with Thomas Kalil

We have the transcript live on our Day One Project site:

Here was the video version, with some sound imperfections.  And from Schmidt Futures:

…some context on the broader event is here, along with details on our open call for innovation, science, and tech policy ideas to inform the priorities of the next presidential term – your community undoubtedly would have great contributions. We are accepting submissions of these ideas through the Day One Accelerator until March 1.

I am very much looking to my Schmidt Futures event coming up this March.


I bet --and I'm willing to take a 1 month hiatus from posting here if I'm wrong--that there's not a single mention of the term "PATENTS" in the above. Imagine that, something about tech and not a single mention of IP, which is almost the first thing on a "term sheet" when doing M&A in tech.

I was wondering what happen on day two.

the crazy bot sez: "patents should be scrapped" - this is why you will get deleted in this thread.

Pre bot days, I had a crazy person do the above, stream of consciousness style. In my professional capacity I was harsh on them, until their psychiatrist wrote me saying the person viewed our interactions as therapy and it was helping them, at which point I softened up. I was flattered that my interactions with them were considered therapy. But in a way, therapy is why we all blog, crazy or not, no?

Day one; eliminate all forms of welfare and wealth redistribution. Drug use would dramatically decrease and people would become more productive.

Good talk. National Weirdo Initiative is something we should all stand behind.

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