*Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy Series Two*


Interesting. The podcast is here.

Does the book say anything about housing, health, or education? It's is well and good that things manufactured and shipped from China help make our modern economy but the real problems in America can't so easily be outsourced and can no longer be ignored.

And for that gratuitous useless America hating non-sequitur from the left we thank you.

Are you living in an alternative reality or parallel universe?

Not at all. I am just helping my clients to be stackin’ loot and making bank with international investments.

Did the AR-15 make the list? Asking for a friend (and a lot of other worried people right now).

And, I hope to never ever have to use mine in the defense of our home. But, wow, what a way to level the playing field against Antifa and the like instantly. Isn’t that a worthy innovation?

The like of Antifa? Is that the Boogie-man or Billy Goat Gruff?

I dunno.

But, I do know for certain that my AR-15 magazine holds 30 rounds. #innovation

And, if that’s too pedestrian for you, think of it as a $500 insurance policy that’s good in perpetuity.

Perpetuity is a long time. You will dream up many imaginary threats to possibly shoot at before you get anywhere near it. The good news is that you will probably have 30 bullets left if you ever face a real one.

Gnama Gnama - expert on tail risk and insurance.

Read the review a few weeks ago in the Times. Matt Ridley also has a new book out. Looking forward to reading them. Have heard Harford on EconTalk, but not sure I have ever seen his book actually stocked. Might even go to the importers for the censor’s table, to get a sneak peak. Only time I went last year was when Charles C. Mann’s The Wizard and the Prophet was getting censored.

Sounds entertaining, but given Bryson's book "Short History of Everything" is practically chock full of inaccuracies on every page, I hope that this book is not as "entertaining". Not that most readers in the target audience would care.

Bonus trivia: I'm reading David Cardwell's book, Norton History of Technology now. Cardwell was a real science historian.

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