More energy shocks, and it was crazy to move away from nuclear power

The global energy crunch forced a German electricity producer to halt a power plant after it ran out of coal.

Steag GmbH closed its Bergkamen-A plant in the western part of the country this week due to shortages of hard coal, it said by email. The closure is the first sign that Europe may need to count on mild and windy weather to keep the lights on as the continent faces shortages of natural gas and coal is unlikely to come to rescue.

Energy prices are soaring from the U.S. to Europe and Asia as economies rebound from a pandemic-induced lull and people return to the office. The shortage is so acute that China ordered its state-owned companies to secure supplies at all costs and Europe is burning more of its already depleted stocks of the dirtiest of fossil fuel, a move that may complicate climate talks next month.

Here is much more from at Bloomberg.  Coal is trading at record-high prices, but is this doing us or the environment much good?  You need something to substitute into!

I would like to repeat my earlier question in earnest.  Was anyone forecasting all these energy shortages even a month ago?

Via Anton Maier.


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