Top MR Posts of 2022

Here are the top MR posts by views from 2022. Biggest post was Tyler’s

1. Classical liberalism vs. The New Right

followed up by two posts by me on Biden’s student loan plan

2. The Student Loan Giveaway is Much Bigger Than You Think

3. Taxing Mechanical Engineers and Subsidizing Drama Majors

and further posts by me on FTX and the probability of a nuclear war.

4. The FTX Debacle ELI5

5. What is the Probability of a Nuclear War, Redux

I said ProPublica was putting their reputation on the line with the lab-leak report but nevertheless I was too credulous. Much of the factual reporting remains correct, however. Lab leak is very much in play.

6. A “Safety Emergency” Happened at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in November of 2019

Tyler comes in next with a post on criticizing other people in private.

7. How much should you criticize other people?

and two posts on the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

8. Putin as a Man of Ideas

9. How did the IR community get Russia/Ukraine so wrong?

Finally Tyler offers some advice:

10. Stop Drinking Now

Rounding out the top were Best Books of 2022, What Caused the 2020 Spike in Murders and How to Elect Republicans.

What were your favorite MR posts of 2022. What should we revisit?


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