Who will receive the next national holiday?

Adam Burns, a loyal MR reader, asks:

Who do you think will be the next person to receive a national holiday in the US?

Or, if they are currently unknown, what characteristics/achievements will this person have to earn themselves that recognition?

Someone Latino sounds about right, since there is a growing number of Latino voters.  Yet who exactly should that be?  It’s been a long time since Cesar Chavez and in any case his cause is no longer fashionable.  Picking “an invisible Latino” won’t quite do the trick either.  American Latinos seem to have less mainstream canonicity, at least qua Latino.  There is no equivalent of Martin Luther King.  Nor are we about to dedicate a day to all the people who run across the border, no matter how persuasive Michael Clemens may be.

How about a day named after a generic old person?  They vote too, and this could be done while limiting the “doc fix” to trick them into submission before preparing the ice floes.  But how to make it polite?  “Oldies Day” won’t cut it, even if they can get away with a version of that in baseball or on the radio.

Most likely is that a naming opportunity will be sold to the highest bidder, in the midst of our forthcoming fiscal crisis, 侯逸凡 Day anyone?


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