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This cracks me up:

The illustrations on the banknotes show generic examples of architectural styles such as renaissance and baroque rather than real bridges from a particular member state, which could have aroused envy among other countries. “The European Bank didn’t want to use real bridges so I thought it would be funny to claim the bridges and make them real,” Stam told Dezeen.

The article headline is “Fictional bridges on Euro banknotes constructed in the Netherlands.”  Perhaps this will prove a broader and subtle metaphor for making the eurozone actually work…

For the pointer I thank Joel Cazares.


"rather than real bridges from a particular member state": if they'd gone for particularly fine bridges many of them would have been British, which would have been droll since the UK didn't join the euro.

Personally, I'd have settled for a bunch of Italian bridges as some sort of tip of the hat to yer Ancient Romans. Maybe it occurred to someone that Italy might be the first big country to leave the euro?

What about portuguese bridges? Bigger and better...

A wonderful thing, but completed some time after the euro notes were designed. The bridge over the mouth of the Seine is also rather a beauty, but more commonplace I assume.

Here we are.

One of my favorite.
Talking about bridges in France, my 3 other favorites:

That's a really nice bridge !

Reminds me of the Great Canadian Maple Leaf Controversy a while ago, on the CA loon (that's Canada's money, not California crazy).

At least the loon exists.

I simply don't understand why the euro banknotes are so bleeding ugly. (Only Russian roubles are uglier, but that should be no measure.)

Perhaps it's because the committee that chose the design settled on a mediocre choice to avoid controversies. That would illustrate the mechanism of the EU works quite well.

At least you don't have to read them to tell them apart.

Hats off to you guys, on waking up and bravely tackle a subject that has been out there for over a decade now. The bills are ugly, for sure. the pictures (not just bridges) are not made to show off some architectural wonders, there are just images. Pretty much just like the romanesque heads (flowing hair and all) of American leaders on the dollar note. I'm sure the portrays are just as untrue as the bridges. Finally, about the old EU rants: just see how well the average European family lives (education, health care, safety, culture, etc) and compare that to the third world conditions in most parts of the USA (guns on the street, povery and deprivation everywhere, lack of access to education, decent health care, decently paid jobs, etc etc.) Every visit to the US it seems to get worse and worse. Well, unless you can't afford to get here in the first place. Oh, I forgot: around 80% of Americans don't even have a passport. Go figure...

Yes! I hear La Courneuve and Rotherham are lovely this time of year.

You heard wrong.

Better than the ghettos your grandfathers put black people into.

Pretty much everyone's ancestors here went through a ghetto. Most worked their way out.

I dimly remember something about ghettos in Europe maybe Poland but I am sure it all worked out fine because Europe is so much better than evil America.

I bet you've never once seen a gun on your many visits to America. I've lived in the US over 40 years and never once have I seen a gun on the street. Never once. (Not counting law enforcement, obviously.)

Really, not even a rifle or shotgun carried by someone off for a day's shooting? Heavens, that would be common enough in many rural parts of Britain or the Continent. Heavens again, I've carried a rifle in the streets of Edinburgh, admittedly before the gun panics of the last twenty years. How else could I have got it to the gun dealer or the shooting range?

'Most parts'? The median American family is still doing better than the median family in the EU.

"Oh, I forgot: around 80% of Americans don’t even have a passport."

Well I do have a US passport, but more to the point: I can travel 3000 miles in a straight line from where I am typing this before needing a passport. This changes things; it's not quite like the smaller countries in Western Europe (and yes I do know about the Schengen Area.)

Also, I do know there's a difference between what areas tourists visit and what can be generalized to a whole country. I also know how the EU stacks up against the US in a number of statistics that would contradict your EU claims.

My goodness, do you realize how envious you sound on the internet? And you can't even delete that comment! What a pathetic shame for you.

Wonderful nation the Dutch; they have fun with everything, some of the architecture is simply childish fun.

Check out some of these:

Childish? That s h it is spectacular! Nice!


A true Baudrillard Matrix would be a single world that became so fake that you no longer needed the original. The whole world becomes a fake; there is no recourse to the real world. You'll know it happened when you look at a copy of something, the original of which you have had no actual knowledge, and say, "oh, that's so authentic."

So next year everyone will be complaining the EU banknotes unfairly favor the dutch?

When some one searches for his required thing, thus he/she needs to be available that in detail, thus that thing is maintained over here.

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