The EU refugee Coasian bargain evolves

Turkey has made a host of last minute funding and political demands that threaten to derail a controversial EU-Turkey deal to dramatically reduce migrant flows to Europe.

Ahead of crunch summit between EU leaders and the Turkish prime minister on Monday, Ankara has called for an increase on the €3bn in aid previously promised by the EU, faster access to Schengen visas for Turkish citizens and accelerated progress in its EU membership bid, write Alex Barker and Duncan Robinson in Brussels.

Although talks remain fluid, the wishlist represents Turkey’s new price for giving the EU’s response to the migration crisis a harder edge by facilitating the systematic return of non-Syrian migrants from Greek islands to Turkey.

I don’t blame Turkey, but this is a good example of what happens when you rely on poorer, lower quality institution countries to solve your problems for you.

The story is hereBy some accounts, the Turks will be getting much of their wish list.  But here is Dani Rodrik’s comment — Schengen may collapse.


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